Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dead Or Alive?

It's been awhile since we've been able to enjoy Bob Hope's Christmas Show. Hope has been dead since 2003. But did you know that he was survived by his wife, Dolores who is still alive at 98?
A friend told me of a tradition that he enjoys with neighbors each New Year's Eve. They sit around and guess which famous people will die in the coming year.
Morbid, don't you think?
But then again, what else is there to do on New Year's Eve? So, with all due respect to the people who originated this game, here (in addition to Dolores Hope) are some prime candidates for the 2008 list. I bet there are more than a few of these who you thought were already dead:
Dr, Michael DeBakey (98), Luise Ranier (98), George Beverly Shea (98), John Wooden (97), Mitch Miller (96), Karl Malden (95), Tony Martin (93), Lou Jacobi (93), Harry Morgan (92), Herman Wouk (92), Les Paul (92), David Rockefeller (92), Eli Wallach (92), Barbara Billingsley (91), Robert McNamara (91), Beverly Cleary (91), Olivia de Haviland (91), Van Johnson (91) and Zsa Zsa Gabor (90). I would have put Jack LaLanne on the list but LaLanne is such a vigorous and healthy 93 that I expect him to outlive all of us.
Of course, I'm not wishing for any of these people to expire.
But there is one person I do want to be careful to mention in his own special category and he is
Fidel Castro. Here's a guy who should be on the list every year until we never have to mention him again.

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