Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Don't Care

I've been meaning to say this for awhile.
To hell with Iowa and New Hampshire. I don't give a damn about these two small, insignificant white bread states and their caucuses/primary.
If you can explain the Iowa caucuses to me then you're smarter than anybody who's running. Because the candidates themselves don't even understand the Iowa caucuses. From what I understand it will be a Big Deal if 125,000 people participate in the Democrat caucuses. That's not very many people -- in fact, not many more than all of the people who reside in the town that I call home. And as for New Hampshire, many of the people there who take great pride in their so-called "independent spirit" are just plain cranky old kooks. Neither Iowa nor New Hampshire is any any way representative of the rest of the country. So, the views of the people in these two states are skewed.
What's more, I find it nothing less than obscene that we are being subjected to a windy, endless political campaign during Christmas week. It's disgusting.
And I blame the media and the candidates themselves for all this. How sad that the gassy, windy punditocrity can't shut up for even a few days. And how pahhhhthetic that these egotistical, power-driven politicians are so insatiable that they can't give us a break.
On top of it all I nominate Bill and Hill as the poster boy and gal for this shameful spectacle.
Just look at them as the scurry around at yuletide looking for votes. When is enough, enough?

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