Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Those 12 Days

Yes, I know the origin of the 12 days of Christmas. These generally refer to the 12 days from Christmas till the Epiphany. Fine. I respect that. And I can even tolerate the song that goes with the tradition. But what I can’t tolerate is the annual story detailing how much the 12 gifts of the 12 days would cost today if you went out and bought them now. In '06 we were told that the cost of the 12 gifts is “still a-leaping.” The price tag last year was up at $21,476. And if you wanted to buy the 364 items involved in all of the verses' repetitions you would have to pay a record $85,233 this, up from the previous Christmas's $82,381. Who cares? Have you seen anyone out shopping for a partridge in a pear tree lately?



By the way, the cost of Chrstmas tress have also sky rocketed by rising fuel costs

Dan Cirucci said...

A very cogent observation by trialgirl. I assume sh'e referring to artificial trees but this also applies to real Christmas trees.