Tuesday, April 28, 2009

College Kids Run Naked

From Flash News:
One college sport isn’t about winning or losing: It’s about what you DON’T wear when winning or losing.
The Varsity Streaking team at New York’s Hamilton College claims to be the only university sport devoted to the act of running around in naked in front of as many surprised public onlookers as possible.

Spokesperson and former player Sean Tice says taking home a win for Hamilton is top priority, and explains that a victory is had only if rival streakers from other colleges don’t strip off their clothes and challenge them to a streak off.

Streakers forfeit a win if they refuse to remove all articles of clothing, or if they are caught by campus security or the police.

Tice says competitive streakers only need to be able to keep up on runs and be willing to drop trou – which isn’t always easy.

He says, “The moment before you take off your clothes is the most frightening. Anything can happen.”

A web series on the team’s exploits can be seen on StreakToWin.com.

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