Thursday, February 11, 2010

Your Favorite Steakhouses

Our poll on your favorite chain steakhouses is complete and the winner is (tah dah....!) Ruth's Chris.
Yes, more than a third of you (35%) voted for that sizzling Ruth's Chris cooked-in-butter steak.
Ruth's Chris was followed by Outback (20%), Capital Grille (14%) and Palm (11%).
All of the rest of the choices scored in the low single digits.
So, after Ruth's Chris, Outback, CapGrille and our beloved Palm, there isn't very much to say about steak houses. The rest of them don't even show up on the radar screen.
Thanks for participating!

BTW: That photo to the right is Ruth herself -- Ruth Ann Udstad Fertel, the "Ruth" behind Ruth's Chris. When Ruth purchased Chris' Steaks in New Orleans in 1965, Ruth's Chris was born. Still, the restaurant did not formally change its name to Ruth's Chris until 1976. The reason why the name was changed is that Ruth's agreement with Chris (of Chris' Steaks) prevented her from using the "Chris" name unless and until the restaurant relocated. When a fire forced the relocation, the name changed. And so it remains -- one of the most unusually named restaurants ever.
You can read the full story by clicking on the photo of Ruth.

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