Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cheesecake Factory Remains A Huge Favorite

Some people call it a "diner on steroids."
But if you've ever really dined at The Cheesecake Factory, you know it ain't no diner. It's a zippy, up-to-the-minute, full service restaurant and hoppin bar that's ready to serve you just about anything you crave. And, ohhhh -- that cheesecake!
Of course, it's a branded chain. But lest you think that every Cheesecake Factory is totally the same, you're wrong. Yes, they all maintain high standards. They all attract large crowds. They all provide great service. And they all serve real, honest-to-goodness tasty food. But beyond the delightful architectural whimsy of every Cheesecake Factory, you'll find real people who make the whole operation tick. And it's the staff people who make every Cheesecake Factory unique.
We particularly like the staff at The Cheesecake Factory at Garden State Park in Cherry Hill (NJ).
Under the able direction of genial General Manager Kevin Johnson, this operation hums like a finely-tuned instrument. Though it's a very busy place, the wait staff has time for each and every customer and every member of the staff seems to go out of his or her way to satisfy. As you return, the staff not only remembers you but they remember your preferences and desires.
And often, Kevin himself will circulate to greet the many diners and find out if your satisfied.
One final note: Many people seem to think that the only reason to go to the Cheesecake Factory (beyond the cheesecake, of course) is gargantuan portions. Well, you can have the giant portions if you want. They're still on the menu. But there are also many smaller plates, half portions and special offerings that won't overwhelm you. You'll be surprised at all the options. And the restaurant is always ready to meet your special requests.
Great food. Reasonable prices. Endless choices. Terrific staff. You can't beat it!

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