Saturday, October 9, 2021

The Vivid Delight Of A Magical Small Town!

We had a wonderful time in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania yesterday. Adam Cirucci and I took a delightful train ride and marveled at the natural and architectural beauty of this town in the heart of the state's coal mining region which was named in honor of the great American Olympic hero who is entombed on a hill above the roaring Lehigh River.
It was a perfect fall day and, as you can see, the leaves are just beginning to turn along the sides of the nearby Pocono Mountains. The town is richly preserved but it's almost very much alive with shops, restaurants, an intimate opera house, a distinctive library, an old courthouse, churches and a streetscape that will put you in mind of an inviting European village. In fact, the town has been called "a little bit of Switzerland in America." And not only is it the gateway to the Poconos but it sits alongside a huge state park full of natural wonders with plenty of beckoning outdoor activity including fishing, hiking and whitewater rafting. Jim Thorpe is a relatively short drive from Philadelphia but worlds apart.
This is a place that is definitely worth a visit!

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