Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chris Matthews IS Year's Most Disgusting Person!

Well, you voted.
Your voice has been heard.
And you told us loud and clear.
You said that MessNBC's Chris Matthews IS the year's most disgusting personality.
True, Matthews had plenty of competition. But he won the race goin away. It wasn't even close. Among more than 20  nominees, Matthews gained nearly one-quarter of the vote (a whopping 23%) in our unscientific poll. He is clearly the person you love to hate.

Here are the results (not including those who received less than 3%):
Chris Matthews - 23%
Bill Maher - 13%
Debbie Wasserman Schultz - 10%
Davide Axelrod - 8%
Harry Reid - 8%
John Edwards - 6%
Eric Holder - 5%
Madonna - 5%
Lady Gaga - 3%
Rachel Maddow - 3%
Nancy Pelosi - 3%
Michael Moore - 3%

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