Monday, November 20, 2017

Congratulations, Sir: Now, We Await Your Call!

Today, Congressman Tom MacArthur sent a letter to Governor-Elect Phil Murphy inviting him to a substantive discussion on tax policy, after the Governor-Elect questioned the Congressman’s efforts to provide tax relief for New Jerseyans.

The full text of the letter is below:

Dear Governor-Elect Murphy,

The day after you were elected, I was pleased to talk with you and agree to work together to improve the lives of New Jerseyans, while refraining from taking cheap political shots at each other. I thought we had a good conversation and remain hopeful we can have a productive working relationship. I was therefore, very disappointed by press reports that during your very first sit-down TV interview this past weekend, you chose to go after me over my sincere efforts to provide real tax relief for my constituents.

While you have promised to raise taxes on New Jerseyans by $1.3 billion dollars, the bill I voted for will cut taxes for the vast majority of families and businesses in our state. This bill includes a number of provisions that will benefit our residents including:

• Increasing the child tax credit from $1,000 per child to at least $1,600

• Creating a tax credit for those caring for non-child dependents

• Doubling the standard deduction to $24,000 for a family

• Preserving a property tax deduction that will benefit all N.J. homeowners

• Moving from a high-rate system with lots of loopholes that usually just benefit the wealthy, to a simpler, fairer system that lowers rates and closes loopholes

Furthermore, I understand that state legislative leaders in New Jersey are already reconsidering their plans to raise taxes, which would be a welcome new direction for Trenton.

I have never shied away from a serious policy discussion and recently held a five hour town hall meeting in Willingboro, a town in which I only received 12% of the vote in the last election. In that same spirit of an open and honest dialogue, I'd like to invite you to my home county for a substantive discussion on tax policy. Let’s put the talking points aside and have a conversation about your plan to raise taxes in N.J. and my efforts for real tax reform in Washington D.C. Our mutual constituents deserve nothing less.

You have my cell phone number and should feel free to call me to discuss.

Friends And Neighbors Honor One Of Their Own

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaking today at the dedication of Governor Chris Christie Drive in Morris County today.

Starting Off On The Wrong Foot ALREADY?

New Jersey State Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean expressed disappointment that Democratic leaders have ignored his offer to work in a bipartisan fashion to enact a moderate increase in New Jersey’s minimum wage and middle-class state income tax cuts.

Sen. Tom Kean expressed disappointment that Democratic leaders have ignored his offer to work in a bipartisan fashion to enact a moderate increase in New Jersey’s minimum wage and middle-class state income tax cuts. (
Kean issued the following statement following today’s minimum wage announcement by Governor-elect Phil Murphy, Senate President Stephen Sweeney, and Assembly Speaker-designate Craig Coughlin:

“It’s clear that New Jerseyans are tired of the extreme partisanship that has consumed national politics in Washington, and they want more civility at all levels of government, including here in New Jersey.

“That’s why my first public statement following the election was an offer to work with Governor-elect Murphy and the Democratic leadership of the Senate and General Assembly on a proposed bipartisan effort to increase the minimum wage to a fair and modern level and cut income taxes for middle-class New Jerseyans.

“My proposal was and remains a good faith effort to put aside partisanship and reach a reasonable compromise in a manner that most legislators, and their constituents, could support.

“While I’m disappointed that New Jersey’s Democratic leaders have not yet accepted my offer to work together, I remain hopeful that they will reconsider.

“It’s not too late for New Jersey to set an example for the rest of the country of how reasonable Republicans and Democrats can work together to improve the lives of everyone they represent.”

How To Capture The True Spirit Of It All . . .

Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary welcomes all to attend an Open House followed by an evening of religious music and prayer during this year’s Advent season at the 30th annual Christmas Concert

Sunday, December 10, 2017
1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Open House)
4:00 p.m. (Concert)
Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary
100 East Wynnewood Road
Wynnewood, PA 19096 (Montgomery County)

Future priests will guide tours through this historic Catholic landmark where visitors can view artwork treasures from the Seminary's collection, Papal artifacts from Pope Francis’ visit in 2015, explore the daily life of seminarians and learn about educational programs open to the general public. Tours last one hour and begin at 1:00 p.m. The final tour starts at 3:00 p.m.

Christmas crèches will be on display before the concert in the Ryan Memorial Library featuring dozens of Nativity scenes from around the world. In addition, Papal artifacts from the 2015 Philadelphia Apostolic visit will be on display. The concert will begin at 4:00 p.m. in the Saint Martin of Tours Chapel and will feature the musicians and choir of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary.

Both events are free and open to the public. Parking is available on the Seminary campus. A free will offering will be collected at intermission for the Sisters of Life at Saint Malachy Parish.

Note: Founded in 1832, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary has been forming men for priestly service in the Catholic Church for more than 180 years. In August 2017, the seminary reported an overall enrollment of 167 seminarians, an 11% increase over the spring 2017 enrollment and the largest overall enrollment since 2004. Of the 43 new seminarians including one student priest, 11 are seminarians studying for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. With the generosity of many, these young seminarians are able to successfully transform into the compassionate and loyal priests and inspiring leaders of tomorrow’s Church. For more information on Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, please call 610-667-3394 or visit

Ever Wonder What Happens To THOSE Turkeys?

National Thanksgiving Turkeys Have Arrived 
Yesterday, two Thanksgiving turkeys arrived at The Willard Hotel in Washington, D.C., where they are currently being pampered in preparation for the Presidential turkey pardoning tomorrow afternoon. One turkey will receive a pardon and the title of National Thanksgiving Turkey, while the other will serve as an official alternate should the pardoned turkey be unable to fulfill his duties.
This morning, the names of the two turkeys were announced – Drumstick and Wishbone. VOTE NOW to decide which turkey President Trump should pardon!
Following the ceremony, the turkeys will join last year’s turkeys at Virginia Tech’s “Gobblers Rest” exhibit in Blacksburg, Virginia, where students and veterinarians care for the turkeys, and the public can visit and learn about the university’s teaching, research, and outreach programs in animal and poultry sciences and veterinary medicine.
Cutting Through the Spin on Tax Reform 
Denouncing Republican tax reform as a giveaway to large corporations is a blatant misdirection, says the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. “The irony is that the Senate and House bills would do far more to stop corporate tax gaming than anything the Obama Administration did in eight years.”
“The truth is that it’s a serious attempt to fix a broken U.S. code that has festered for years and made America increasingly uncompetitive as a destination for mobile global capital,” they write. “The GOP reforms would help the economy and make it harder for corporations to avoid paying taxes.”
Read the full article here.
NCAA Champions Visit the White House 
On Friday, President Donald J. Trump hosted 18 NCAA championship teams at the White House. The President commended the student athletes for their extraordinary athletic achievements and their diligence in balancing a commitment to sport and excellence in the classroom.
The teams in attendance were: Oklahoma Men's Golf, Oklahoma Women's Gymnastics, Oklahoma Men's Gymnastics, Maryland Women's Lacrosse, Maryland Men's Lacrosse, West Virginia Rifle (Coed), University of Washington Women's Rowing, Penn State Women's Rugby, Penn State Men's Wrestling (Delegation), Oklahoma Softball, Virginia Men's Tennis, Arizona State Women's Triathlon, Florida Baseball, McKendree Women's Bowling, Texas A&M Men's Indoor Track and Field, Ohio State Men's Volleyball, and Utah Skiing.
See highlights from the event here.

President Donald J. Trump and the University of Oklahoma Softball NCAA Women's College World Series Champion Team | November 17, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)


This morning, President Trump received his daily intelligence briefing followed by a meeting with his Cabinet. Afterwards, the President had lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. Later, the President met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.
This afternoon, First Lady Melania Trump will participate in the Christmas Tree Presentation at the White House. The tree will be displayed in the Blue Room and will be presented by the National Christmas Tree Association.


Tomorrow, President Trump will participate in the Presentation of the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

This Is The REAL News You Need Right Now!

The Washington Free Beacon
Under the leadership of President Trump, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, “Operation: Raging Bull” led to the arrest of nearly 300 members and associates of the infamous transnational gang MS-13, making the country safer by taking these criminals off the streets for good.
The Daily Signal
Last week AT&T announced it "has committed to investing $1 billion in the economy if Congress cuts corporate taxes." With these tax cuts—combined with the President's efforts to cut job-killing regulations—our country is poised for historic economic growth.
Business Insider
On Thursday evening, the Senate Finance Committee passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act "advancing it to the Senate floor for consideration by the full chamber."
The New York Post
The House easily passed “a sweeping Republican tax bill that cuts taxes for corporations and many people.” The House voted 227-205 to approve the bill, and the victory advances a hopeful end-of-the-year legislative achievement for President Trump.
The New York Daily News
On Friday, President Trump welcomed 18 NCAA championship teams to the White House and congratulated them on their success. At one point during the event “joined by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Trump bowed his head in prayer along with members of the Oklahoma softball team.”
Associated Press
After the President intervened on their behalf with China's President Xi, the three UCLA basketball players who were detained in China thanked the President for his efforts to help them come home.
The Wall Street Journal
In New York City, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talked about the tough ongoing NAFTA negotiations, suggesting the “U.S. can pressure Mexico and Canada into big concessions because they have more to lose if the pact collapses.”
CBS Boston
“Just a few weeks after President Trump declared a public emergency with the opioid crisis,” a new report from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health shows a decrease in opioid-related overdose deaths across the state.
The Washington Free Beacon
In a White House meeting with top senior administration officials and diplomats, Vice President Pence promised that “help is on the way” for persecuted “Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in Iraq who are victims of genocide perpetuated by the Islamic State.”
The Washington Examiner
After President Trump’s vow to strike ISIS “10 times harder” following recent attacks, four senior Islamic State leaders have been killed over the past three weeks.
In New York, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 25 people sought for deportation, 24 of which had prior convictions for operation of a motor vehicle while drunk or impaired by drugs.

Hey, You May Wanna Ask Yourself THIS . . .

THIS Is The True Spirit Of Thanksgiving . . .

For the 54th consecutive year, 25 members of the Philadelphia Knights of Columbus Chapter will served a traditional Thanksgiving meal today to approximately 300 impoverished and homeless men at Saint John’s Hospice (SJH). SJH is a ministry of Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Nick Marcantonio, President of the Philadelphia Knights of Columbus Chapter said, “The Knights of Columbus is a charitable organization that was started to help those in need. For over 50 years, members have served traditional holiday meals to the men of SJH during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.”

For over 50 years, SJH has provided crucial and life-sustaining services with dignity, respect, and compassion. Each weekday, this outreach ministry provides a nutritious and hot noon meal for approximately 300 men, as well as case management services, on-site nursing services, daily showers, and mailroom services for over 1,000 men. Each year, it provides sleeping quarters for hundreds of men transitioning from homelessness to independent living in the community.

Note: To learn more about Saint John’s Hospice, please visit

Yes, This Really IS An Ultimatum!

A Brief, Wondrous, Unforgettable Journey . . .

As long as Broadway has been making musicals, displaced persons have been at the forefront of some of the Great White Way's most beloved tuneful tales.
In Show Boat, the granddaddy of all musicals, displaced persons comprise the entire cast as Cap'n Andy's traveling entertainment venue churns up and down the Mississippi River, taking on a variety of passengers and troubadours.
In The King and I, a widowed British schoolteacher Anna begins a new life in a strange and authoritarian Asian kingdom.  In The Music Man, the always-on-the-move and ever-cunning Harold Hill creates nothing short of upheaval in small town Indiana. In The Most Happy Fella, a mail-order bride gets less than she bargained for when she's thrust into the rough-hewn world of early California wine country. Even more recently, Hamilton tells the story of a displaced orphan who becomes one of America's founders while Come From Away examines the lives of 9/11 airline travelers who are suddenly diverted to an unprepared Canadian hamlet.
But perhaps nowhere in the lexicon of American musicals are there two more bewildered characters than Tommy Albright and Jeff Douglas, two New York buddies who, while hiking the Scottish highlands, stumble into a strange and enchanted locale called Brigadoon.
Brigadoon is a mysterious place that you won't find on any map. That's because it only appears once every hundred years. How could this be? Well, in the world of this lustrous and lyrical Lerner and Loewe musical it's all neatly explained: To protect Brigadoon from being changed by the outside world, 200 years ago the local minister prayed to God to have Brigadoon disappear, only to reappear for one day every 100 years.

All citizens of Brigadoon are forbidden to leave the town, or it will disappear forever. In the show, Tommy, who becomes smitten with a Brigadoon lass named Fiona MacLaren, asks hypothetically if an outsider could be permitted to stay in Brigadoon. The local schoolmaster replies: "A stranger can stay if he loves someone here – not jus' Brigadoon, mind ye, but someone in Brigadoon – enough to want to give up everythin' an' stay with that one person. Which is how it should be. 'Cause after all, lad, if ye love someone deeply, anythin' is possible."
For Tommy, who's always been commitment shy, Fiona and Brigadoon seem to change everything. But the more cynical Jeff refuses to believe the magic of Brigadoon and seems to find the place a bit creepy, if not downright scary. "How can you believe all this?" he challenges Tommy. "How can you just accept it?" And therein lies just one of the conflicts that fuel the story of Brigadoon.
It's hard to believe that this classic musical is 70 years old.
And it was still harder for us to believe it when we were fortunate enough to see its all-too-brief and ravishing revival over the weekend as part of New York City Center's Encore series with the magnificent Kelli O'Hara as Fiona and the full-voiced Patrick Wilson as Jeff. When Kelli O'Hara sings its as if the angels are calling us from on high. And Patrick Wilson is not only able to send his voice into the far reaches of the balcony but he does it while injecting a credible emotional tug into nearly every note. Together, these two are Broadway musical heaven as they sing The Heather on the Hill, Almost Like Being in Love and From This Day On. And Wilson is poignant and compelling as he delivers the haunting There But For You Go I.
With a cast of 39, an orchestra of 30, original choreography by Agnes de Mille (re-choreographed and superbly directed by Christopher Wheeldon) and the dancing of Robert Fairchild, formerly of the New York City Ballet and An American in Paris, this "new" Brigadoon proved enthralling. In fact, the entire cast deserves lavish praise, with shoutouts to Asasif Mandvi as Jeff, Ross Lekites as Charlie, Rich Herbert as Andrew and Dakin Matthews as Mr. Lundie.
Brigadoon is sheer Broadway magic in that it dares us to dream and dream gallantly and it challenges us to believe as more with our hearts than our minds.
When it opened in 1947 Broadway knew a hit when it saw one. As one critic raved: "[This is] a stunning show. It has whimsy, beguiling music, exciting dancing – and it has a book.... Brigadoon is by far the best musical play the season has produced, and it is certainly one of the best within my entire play-going experience."
Seventy years later. we wholeheartedly agree!

Note: This review also appears on the Dan On Broadway blog where you'll find scores of Broadway reviews, commentary, dining tips and all you need to know about the Great White Way. Try it!

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Not That Anyone Asked Us, But . . .

Here's what we think about it, OK?

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He WILL Be Missed -- Sooner Rather Than Later!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rviewing the many accomplishments of his administration.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

You May Want To Think About THIS . . .

Delivering Growth, Prosperity, Relief, Recovery

Tax Reform that Makes Numbers Move
Today, President Donald J. Trump will be at the U.S. Capitol to talk America First tax reform with the House Republican Conference. The President’s priorities have been consistent: cutting tax rates for middle-income families, simplifying the tax code, and slashing the corporate tax rate to promote job growth and bring overseas profits back to the U.S. economy. Pay raises from these tax cuts could put around $5,000 back in American pockets, allowing more hardworking American families to enjoy financial prosperity and peace of mind. Dramatic tax cuts, massive job creation, and competitive American business are at the heart of America First tax reform.
Growing America’s Global Relationships in Asia
During President Trump’s recent historical trip to Asia, he made tremendous efforts to invest in American workers, encourage fair and reciprocal trade, generate unified resolve to denuclearize North Korea, promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region, and express the United States’ commitment to Asia.
“I'm here to advance peace, to promote security, and to work with you to achieve a truly free and open Indo-Pacific, where we are proud and we have sovereign nations, and we thrive, and everybody wants to prosper,” President Trump said of his trip.
In China, South Korea, and Vietnam, new trade and investment deals were announced that will create jobs for American workers, increase American exports, and stimulate investments in American communities. President Trump underscored the importance of rebalancing bilateral economic relationships with all countries he visited, advancing fair trade and working towards ending years of unbalanced trade that has left too many Americans behind. Additionally, President Trump called upon all responsible nations to work to compel the North Korean regime to denuclearize and strengthened existing relations with Asian nations that will propel regional development and prosperity.
Read more about the strides President Trump made towards global prosperity here. 
Continuing Relief and Recovery in Texas
Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence visited Austin, Texas, on Wednesday to receive a briefing on Hurricane Harvey disaster relief and recovery efforts at the FEMA Joint Field Office. The Vice President thanked the hard-working men and women of FEMA and emergency responders for their dedication and he made clear that the Administration has made the full resources of the federal government available to the people of Texas during the recovery. He was joined by Governor Greg Abbott, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, and FEMA Administrator Brock Long.
See more here.

President Donald J. Trump visits Vietnam | November 11, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


In the morning, President Donald J. Trump traveled to the U.S. Capitol, where he delivered remarks on tax reform to the House Republican Conference.
Tonight, the Vice President will speak at the Tax Foundation's annual dinner at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

Come See What Big Media Won't Show You . . .

Our wonderful First Lady on the president's recent trip to Asia. Triumphant!

Inspiring Others With Accomplishment, Devotion

Our dear friend, Anne Sceia Klein received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Philadelphia chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) on November 14. The award, given only three times in chapter history, recognized Klein’s 50+ years in the public relations profession. Klein also was recognized as a 50-year member of PRSA.

Anne Klein is an absolute inspiration -- a generous, caring, widely-recognized professional and founder of Anne Klein Communications Group, LLC. (AKCG). She has not only played a leading role in the public relations arena for five decades but she continues to be at the top of her game. Anne spent 16 years in the corporate world (including the banking and oil industries) before founding her public relations firm in 1982. As a counselor to top management, she is recognized as an expert in strategic planning, crisis and issues communications and community outreach.

Anne received a B.S. degree in Economics in 1964 from Penn’s Wharton School and received her master’s degree in 1965 from Penn’s Annenberg School of Communication.

Anne has been recognized with numerous awards for her outstanding achievements and contributions to her profession and to business. In 2006, she was inducted into Rowan University’s Public Relations Hall of Fame, and in 2004, Anne was inducted into the Philadelphia Public Relations Association’s Hall of Fame.

Under Anne’s leadership, AKCG won dozens of awards for excellence in public relations. She is the author of chapters in six books and has written dozens of articles for magazines. Anne is a member of the Union League of Philadelphia, is a past chair of the American Heart Association - Central/Southern NJ Board, and services on the Editorial Advisory Board of SJ Magazine.

In 2014, she was selected as a Brava! Award winner by SmartCEO, and in 2012 was named a Woman of Distinction by Philadelphia Business Journal. NJ Biz honored her in 2007 as one of New Jersey’s Best 50 Women in Business.

Anne is listed Marquis’ Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the Media and Communications, Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and Who’s Who in the World.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Great Step Forward In An Ongoing Battle!

Governor Chris Christie today announced the award of $5 million in new contracts to expand integrated substance abuse treatment and medical care for pregnant woman and new mothers who are addicted to heroin and other opioids.

The effort follows up on multiple initiatives the Governor launched in September to combat the state’s opioid crisis. Through the competitive contracts, the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) will provide funding to expand residential and outpatient treatment programs and recovery options for pregnant women, new mothers and babies.

“There has been a significant rise in the number of infants who have been exposed to opioids, such as heroin or prescription pain killers,” Governor Christie said. “It is imperative that we give these babies a fair start on life and ensure mothers get the treatment they need to restore their physical and psychological health. This approach to treatment of pregnant women and new mothers in a specialized, integrated program will promote long-term recovery while offering ongoing medical care and support services.”

The contracts – funded within the $200 million in new addiction spending announced in September by Governor Chris Christie - are expected to roll out in early December and continue until June 30, 2018. They are expected to provide residential treatment for at least 882 women.

The agencies awarded the contracts in the competitive bidding process were: The Center for Great Expectations Inc. in Somerset, $786,524; Capital Health System, $989,086; Eva’s Village Inc., $1.1 million; Robins Nest in Glassboro, $635,286; and Cooper Health System, $1.5 million.

The programs will serve women in Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Mercer, Ocean, Salem, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Somerset, and Passaic counties.

Under Governor Christie’s leadership, New Jersey has responded to the state’s opioid crisis with several innovative initiatives, including the development and expansion Recovery Coaches, Recovery Housing, medication-assisted treatment, Narcan distribution, Drug Court, peer programs, and prescription monitoring.

“Getting help for substance abuse benefits both the mother and the baby,” Acting DOH Commissioner Christopher Rinn said. “During pregnancy, addiction treatment can mean the difference between having a healthy child and losing a baby or giving birth to an infant with severe developmental challenges.”

Since 2011, New Jersey has seen between 500 and 630 addicted babies born each year with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). Within 24-72 hours after birth, newborns with NAS can experience severe withdrawal symptoms. They may also have a higher risk of premature death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The type of services offered through the program promotes the integration of behavioral and primary healthcare that Governor Christie intended when he transferred the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) DMHAS last month from the Department of Human Services to DOH, noted DOH Acting Deputy Commissioner of Integrated Health Services, Carolyn Daniels.

In addition to participating in a residential treatment program and focusing on relapse prevention, women who participate in the program will have access to a psychosocial support system of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and others in recovery, referrals to obstetricians and nutritionists and services for housing, transportation, childcare job preparation.

“This is really a one-stop model of treatment that is designed to address many of the various issues that can deter a mother from sustained recovery,” Rinn said.

A 'Transformational' Girft; A Great New Beginning!

Today, Daniel A. Lodise, President of Conwell-Egan Catholic High School (CEC), located in Fairless Hills (Bucks County) announced in front of the entire school community a gift of $5 million made by the Danaher Lynch Family Foundation (DLFF). The foundation was established by Patricia and Thomas Lynch. Mrs. Lynch is a 1972 graduate of Bishop Conwell High School and Mr. Lynch is a 1972 graduate of Bishop Egan High School. The two schools merged in 1993 to form the current Conwell-Egan Catholic High School.

The donation from DLFF is the largest in CEC’s 60 year history and equals the largest philanthropic gift ever received by a high school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Mr. Lynch is the Executive Chairman of the TE Connectivity Board of Directors (NYSE:TEL). He previously served as the company’s Chief Executive Officer from January 2006 to March 2017 and was elected Chairman of the Board in January 2013. He transitioned to the role of Executive Chairman of the Board in March 2017. TE is a $12 billion global technology leader.

In addition to Mr. Lynch’s support of the school as a benefactor, he serves as Chairman of its Board of Limited Jurisdiction.

DLFF’s mission is to help unleash the potential of the people in their community. DLFF is centered on the belief that a good education makes many things possible. The foundation goals are primarily focused on investing in students and Catholic schools in the greater Philadelphia area.

The gift is transformational for CEC. It will allow the school to enhance many of its existing academic programs, make capital improvements, and create a Center for Student Leadership.

Mr. Daniel A. Lodise, President of Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, said, “We’re truly grateful for the support from the Danaher Lynch Family Foundation and for their unprecedented commitment to Conwell-Egan Catholic. This gift will significantly impact the educational experience of every student who walks through our doors. This September we celebrated our 60th anniversary, today we celebrate the start of a golden era at Conwell-Egan Catholic. Catholic Education is alive and well in Bucks County.”

Mr. H. Edward Hanway, Board Chair and Interim Chief Executive Officer, Faith in the Future, and Mr. Christopher Mominey, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary for Secondary Education, participated in the announcement which was streamed via FacebookLIVE on the official Facebook page for Archdiocesan Schools

Mr. Mominey said, “….the roots of our schools run long and deep to the days of our fourth bishop, Saint John Neumann. He sought to provide an educational experience centered on the model of Christ that young people would carry throughout their lives.

That legacy is alive and well today at Conwell-Egan Catholic High School thanks to the creative visions of school leaders, the hard work and dedication of faculty members, the confidence of school families, and the generosity of the Danaher Lynch Family Foundation.”

Background on the Danaher Lynch Family Foundation (DLFF)
Currently, DLFF offers scholarships to students who wish to attend Conwell-Egan Catholic High School and face financial challenges. The application process takes a holistic approach looking for a well-rounded individual who can benefit from the academic, extra-curricular, and community service opportunities available at CEC. Whenever possible, they offer scholarships to students who have faced and are overcoming challenges in their own lives.

The first year, scholarships for the Class of 2019 started with four students, with a scholarship renewable for all four years of high school. Growing by leaps and bounds, the second class included twenty students for the Class of 2020, with another commitment to 29 additional students for the Class of 2021.

To better support and recognize CEC continued excellence in Fine Arts, a few scholarships for the Class of 2021 were reserved for students who excel in the arts. These scholarships complement CEC’s existing programs, and work to create a great holistic educational experience. DLFF looks to build a community of individuals who will continue giving back to society.
Note: To learn more about Conwell-Egan Catholic High School, please visit For information about Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, please visit For more information on Faith in the Future please visit,

Explosive Reveleations AND A New

catholicvote email logo

Here is a very special message from

Did you see this news?

According to an explosive new report, FBI agents requested documents from the Senate investigation held last year covering the sale and trafficking of baby body parts.

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley alerted the Justice Department about possible criminal activity discovered in some of the documents obtained by the Senate.

Now the FBI is considering a criminal investigation of Planned Parenthood!

To be clear, the Justice Department should never be used to settle political scores. The Attorney General must be non-partisan and enforce the laws. But the fact is, Planned Parenthood has admitted on video to selling and harvesting baby body parts for profit! Imagine this crime in any other context other than abortion -- there would be widespread demand for prosecution of the criminals. And rightly so!

But the truth is Planned Parenthood is protected by Democrats. Abortion has come to define the party with no compromises whatsoever allowed. Defending Planned Parenthood is essential to the political fortunes of Democrats. Many of whom are up for re-election next year...

REMEMBER: Planned Parenthood’s political arm spent over $15.9 million in support of Democratic candidates in 2016. So you can imagine the stonewalling they’ll do to prevent a full FBI investigation.

These investigations don’t happen by accident. Brave leaders like David Daleiden and others risked everything to gather evidence of these crimes. They are true American heroes.

We are also grateful to Chairman Grassley and other Congressional Republicans for sticking up for the innocent who cannot defend themselves.

Elections do indeed have consequences.

Thank you for staying in the fight.
Brian Burch, President
Catholic Vote

P.S. In other big news today... the U.S. Bishops are meeting in Baltimore and electing leaders. Congratulations to Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, KS, for his election as the chair of the U.S. bishops pro-life committee. And congrats as well to Archbishop Joseph Kurtz of Louisville, KY, for his election as chair of the religious liberty committee.

In a strong sign of support, the U.S. bishops voted to make the religious liberty body a permanent standing committee.