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OMG! We're Shocked, We Tell You . . . SHOCKED!

This Guy's LOVE Really Knows No Bounds!

What's wrong with admiring. respecting, cheering-on and actually LOVING the person you work for, huh?
We say nothing's wrong wit it. Nothing!

A Short But Exceptionally Meaningful Life . . .

Remembering A Remarkable Public Figure . . .

I remember the weekend 20 years ago that Princess Diana was killed in that awful car crash in Paris.
I was at home when the news hit and I was still working as the Associate Executive Director for Communication and Public Affairs at the Philadelphia Bar Association. Being a public relations practitioner, the first thing that came into my mind was the enormity of the news -- the fact that this would be a mammoth, worldwide story.
I knew that Diana had an huge fan base -- that she had touched the lives of millions of people all over the world. And even though I must honestly say that I never counted myself as one of those who was particularly taken with Diana, I understood the intrinsic appeal of this woman who came into royalty at such a young age and who had been expected to become the Queen of England. In fact, my own daughter still has a Princess Diana wedding doll with Diana miniaturized in her elaborate wedding gown. Diana was indeed a certified icon, with or without the royal trappings.
In fact, Diana's vulnerability amidst her many problems and tortuous divorce seemed to make her that much more accessible, creating what may have been the first global phenomenon of the information age.
So, as soon as I heard the news, my PR instincts took over and I set out to find lawyers who could comment on the legal implications of Diana's tragic death in an automobile accident in France amidst what appears to have been a wild chase involving the paparazzi. What really happened? Who might be liable for the death? How would this all be sorted out? What was the law regarding such matters in France? What might the legal implications be?
As luck would have it, during the same period the Philadelphia Bar Association was hosting a conference featuring lawyers from throughout the world (including France) in Philadelphia. I was quickly able to arrange interviews between these lawyers and members of the local media, shedding light on such questions and issues. I was also able to arrange interviews with British lawyers and media reps. I had found what we in PR call a "local peg" to an international story.
The next few days were very, very busy days for me and I like to think I scored major points with members of the local press corps -- a sort of PR person's dream-come-true (even if you're only as good as your last media "hit).
Of course, the capstone of the week (in addition to Diana's funeral and the attendant outpouring of grief) was the unprecedented personal appearance of the Queen on TV to comment on Diana's passing. The worldwide audience for that event was staggering.
For my own part, I think the Queen handled the situation quite well. I remember being struck by the Queen's lovely blue eyes and wondered why she hadn't appeared on TV more often. But then again, I remembered that she was, after all, The Queen.
Here are the Queen's comments:

She Remains An Enduring, Enchanting Figure . . .

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They Really DO Appear To Be Clueless, Yes?

It's Beyond Outrageous -- It's Actually Blood-Thirsty!

Sean Hannity said that comedian Rosie O'Donnell has joined the long list of Hollywood celebrities who fantasize about the president's death.
Hannity said O'Donnell posted a link to a video game allowing users to kill President Trump by pushing him off a cliff, into a volcano or into an open manhole in New York.
"[She's] rooting for violence against the president of the United States," Hannity said.
He also recounted several other incidents involving O'Donnell's fellow actors wishing harm or failure on Trump.
Hannity said Mickey Rourke threatened to beat Trump with a bad, while rapper Snoop Dogg staged a mock execution of a Trump-like figure for a music video.

When We Hardly Take Note Of This . . .

Then, we're in REAL Trouble!

US, France, Venezuela, Russia Top Blog Views

Pageviews by Countries - Week of 7/15

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
South Korea
United Arab Emirates
WOW! More than 12,000 pageviews this week!

Dan Cirucci Blog: Week's Top Five Stories!

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When You Think About It, They're VERY Important . . .

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed State Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman’s “New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act,” ensuring it can appear on the ballot in the upcoming November general election.
Sen. Kip Bateman’s NJ Library Construction Bond Act gives voters the ability to approve funds for the repair, construction or expansion of local libraries. (Abhi Sharma/Flickr)
“Public libraries drive the economy by providing career training and access to technology for people who wouldn’t have it otherwise,” Senator Bateman (R-16) said. “They are invaluable community centers that everyone should have access to, but 78 percent need repairs and less than half are ADA accessible.”

“Putting this on the ballot allows the public to decide on how their taxpayer dollars are being spent, which is exactly the way it should be done. I have no doubt that people will rise up to support their local library in November. It’s the right thing to do,” Bateman continued.

S-2171 authorizes $125 million in general obligation bonds to provide grants for construction, expansion and upgrades to New Jersey’s public libraries. The grants would pay for half the cost of constructing or upgrading a library, with local governments covering the other half. The State Librarian would establish eligibility criteria for the receipt of grants.

“This bill addresses a critical need,” Michael Cerra, of the NJ League of Municipalities Assistant Executive Director Michael Cerra said. “Many public libraries in New Jersey are simply outdated and cannot accommodate modern technologies. The NJ Library Construction Bond Act, if approved by voters, will provide an appropriate revenue source and thus diminish the financial impact on local governments.”

“Many public libraries in New Jersey have a critical need to expand or upgrade their facilities. If approved by voters, this funding will be available to transform public libraries in communities throughout our state. “The New Jersey Library Association is thrilled that this legislation has been signed and we would like to thank the sponsors in the Legislature for their support.”

Currently, aid for libraries only amounts to 42 percent per capita. Although there were as many as 44 million visits to New Jersey libraries last year, many have been forced to reduce their hours or forego much-needed upgrades due to a lack of funding. 78 percent of libraries are in need of some repairs.

“Libraries are not just for storing books. They are shelter during a storm, career centers, and gathering places for new neighbors. They help our children grow into well-rounded adults. We simply cannot afford to let them crumble or fade away,” Senator Bateman added. “I will continue to work with the dedicated advocates and local residents who have fought for this act to ensure our grandchildren know what it’s like to grow up with a library nearby.”

This Is A Move That's Really Long Overdue . . .

For Your Safety, They MUST Be Held Accountable

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation sponsored by State Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman to improve the safety of New Jersey’s drinking water by holding public water systems accountable for making infrastructure improvements and inspections.
Sen. Kip Bateman’s “Water Quality Accountability Act” will protect people from unsafe drinking water by requiring all public water systems to establish a cyber-security program and a plan for making infrastructure improvements and inspections. (Pixabay)
“New Jersey residents are becoming more and more concerned about lead, bacteria and cancer-causing contaminants leeching into our drinking water, and given recent reports, they have every reason to feel this way.” Senator Bateman said. “This legislation demands that public water systems make the improvements necessary to keep our families safe.”

Senator Bateman’s “Water Quality Accountability Act” (S-2834) would require all public water systems to establish an asset management plan for regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs to water infrastructure.

According to recent reports, as many 4.5 million people in New Jersey rely on suppliers that have broken federal rules meant to keep contaminants out of their drinking water.

As part of Senator Bateman’s multifaceted legislative effort to improve New Jersey’s water infrastructure, S-2834 would give all public water systems one year to implement a plan designed to ensure its infrastructure consistent with industry standard best practices.

This plan must include a water supply and treatment program designed to inspect, maintain, repair, renew, and upgrade wells, intakes, pumps, and treatment facilities in accordance with all federal and State regulations, industry standards, and any mitigation plan that may be required pursuant to the bill.

Under the bill, a public water system would have 120 days following enactment to develop a cybersecurity program in accordance with requirements established by BPU. As part of the program, the public water system must conduct regular risk assessments, maintain situational awareness of cyber threats and vulnerabilities to the public water system, and create and exercise incident response and recovery plans.

“A well-organized cyber-attack has the potential to deprive countless families of utilities within minutes. It’s already happened in other parts of the country,” Senator Bateman added. “Requiring action plans to identify vulnerabilities and respond to an attack if it happens will ensure all utilities are equipped to address 21st century threats.”

Side-By-Side, It's Pretty Powerful Stuff . . .

H/T: Rasmussen Minute

THIS Is A Renewal Which MUST Move Forward!

Here is a very special message from the Cardinal Newman Society:

Wow! Have you seen all the excitement?

Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of the notorious “Land O’ Lakes Statement” — the “declaration of independence” by which Catholic university leaders rejected Church authority over Catholic education.

That has sparked quite a response, including a powerful plea for faithful schools and colleges by Lincoln’s Bishop James Conley… and an awkward defense of Land O’Lakes by Notre Dame’s president, Father John Jenkins! 

  • My article condemning the Land O’Lakes statement and its aftermath is on the front page of this week’s National Catholic Register. (It’s a reprint of my column last year, which is online here.)
  • The Register also includes two excellent articles by reporter Stephen Beale (here and here) and insightful commentaries by Thomas More College Tutor Anthony Esolen, Notre Dame graduate Jonathan Liedl, and Catholic University of America President John Garvey. (Garvey’s article is not yet online.)
  • On the Newman Society website, we’ve re-posted some of our best analyses of the Land O’ Lakes errors, written by the late U.S. education official Kenneth Whitehead, Trenton Bishop David O’Connell, Green Bay Bishop David Ricken, and Catholic philosopher Father Joseph Koterski.
  • Father Jenkins defends Land O’ Lakes in the Jesuit America magazinewith a whitewashed portrayal of the devastating document. He acknowledges some flaws but praises the Land O’ Lakes authors for “the depth of their faith and the boldness of their vision.”
Most importantly, Bishop Conley’s address—given to the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education and published on the Newman Society’s website—is a forceful condemnation of the university leaders’ rebellion in 1967 and an inspiration for the renewal that is underway in Catholic schools and colleges.

Bishop Conley flatly denounces the Land O’ Lakes statement and its aftermath, lamenting its terrible impact on the Church.

“The erosion of authentically Catholic identity at the university level has impacted every single facet of Catholic life in the United States, and every single stage of American Catholic education,” he says.

Renewing faithful Catholic education is therefore essential to facing the challenges confronting the Church today.

“If you want authentically Catholic culture, you need authentically Catholic schools,” argues Bishop Conley. “The past fifty years have taught us that.”

He congratulates faithful educators for promoting “a ressourcement in Catholic education today… The impact of that renewal will be astounding.”

We couldn’t agree more! In fact, we’re working every day to make it happen.

I strongly recommend reading all of Bishop Conley’s address. And please pray for the work of The Cardinal Newman Society and the renewal of Catholic education.

 In Christ,

 Patrick Reilly

Now THIS Could Be A REAL Game Changer!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation sponsored by State Senator Diane Allen (R-Burlington) to authorize healthcare providers who are licensed in the state to practice telemedicine in New Jersey.
Gov. Christie signed a law sponsored by Sen. Diane Allen authorizing the use of telemedicine in New Jersey. It takes effect immediately. (Flickr)
“Telemedicine is revolutionizing the way people access healthcare in other states around the country. It’s time for families here to have the same access to this technology,” Senator Allen said. “Many people live too far away or can’t afford to take time off of work to go see a doctor. That can be life-threatening for someone with a chronic condition. In this time of great uncertainty, bringing telemedicine to New Jersey is a sure-fire way to provide affordable, quality care for our residents.”

Senator Allen’s, S-291, authorizes healthcare providers who are licensed by the state to engage in telemedicine. Physicians use telemedicine to treat patients via video conferencing, transmission of images and medical records, call centers, patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, and mental health screenings.

Under the law, telemedicine providers must meet with people electronically face to face or use “store and forward” technology to allow patients to electronically send images, diagnostics, data and medical records. A combination of audio, store forward and live, interactive video must be used unless, after a thorough review of patient records, the provider concludes that a patient’s needs can be met with audio and store- forward alone.

S-291 will also require health insurance companies to provide coverage and payment for services provided through telemedicine at least at the same rate as services provided in-person. Providers would not be able to issue prescriptions for controlled dangerous substances until an in-person exam has been conducted. The State licensing board would be responsible for adopting rules and regulations for telemedicine.

The law will take effect immediately.

“No one should have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying for groceries,” Senator Allen said. “Authorizing licensed providers to practice telemedicine is a commonsense way to bring the rising cost of healthcare down for millions of new patients. I look forward to seeing our residents take advantage of this innovative and easy way to stay healthy.”

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C'mon: It's Virtually An Open Secret, Right?

Be Aware: It's Massive, It's Boundless, It's Scary!

Be Sure Of It: The Peril Is REAL, Right NOW!

Ladies and gentlemen, our country is facing a potentially perilous situation.
The long knives are out for our duly elected president and his family.
The establishment wants nothing less than to overturn the results of the 2016 election and they intend to start their nefarious undoing right at the top with President Trump.
There's little doubt that this is what special counsel Robert Mueller has in mind, especially since it's now been revealed that Mueller has expanded his investigation to include the business dealings of the president and his family. And Mueller and former FBI Director Comey are thick as thieves.
But, make no mistake about it -- it's not just Mueller and Comey who are after Trump, though Mueller alone (with all his investigative and prosecutorial power) is bad enough. No, the entire "elite" establishment is after President Trump. By this we mean the massive cartel that includes DC insiders (both Democrat and Republican) Big Labor, Big Media, academia, the liberal cognoscenti and pretty much all of those who control the popular culture and the arts, such as they are.
You see, Donald Trump has never, ever really been an "insider." He's always been somewhat of an iconoclast -- someone who makes the establishment uncomfortable; someone who calls them out and doesn't hesitate to attack their cherished beliefs; someone who's not afraid to take them on. He's a man who goes his own way, chases his own dreams and charts paths that few others ever even dreamed of.
Trump's always been a triple-threat to the establishment: he's not only daring and smart but he quickly accumulated the money (and to some degree, the influence) to take them on. Still, they were able to dismiss him as a sort of wacky and egotistical contrarian who was largely benign so long as they left him to built his buildings and his brand. It was when Trump sought real power and moved to enter their realm that they were forced to take another look at him. But even then, many self-appointed elites still shrugged him off with their usual air of feigned insight and puerile sophistication.
But on November 6, 2016 the bomb dropped.
And Trump's victory left them unhinged.
But it didn't take long for them to coalesce around a plan to take Trump down once and for all.
Now, they have their pieces in place.
Now, they can begin to muck up his presidency, week by week, day by day and hour by hour until they take him out.
Think about it. This is the nullification of democracy. That's what's at stake here.
Be sure of this -- they want to teach President Trump, or anyone else who tries to take then on, a never-to-be-forgotten lesson.
This is bad news for you and I -- bad news for ordinary, hard-working, taxpaying Americans who live by the rules and don't have entree into (and are not likely to ever gain entree into) The Club.
There's only one way to fight back, friends.
We've got to organize and rally and mobilize and raise a collective ruckus until they back off. To be sure, President Trump will continue to fight this cabal tooth and nail. He's not afraid of them and he won't give up. But he and his family cannot do it alone.
They need us.
They need us now and in the days ahead.
They need us more than ever.
The hours has come. The time is here. The stakes are dire.

Should They Be BANNED? What Do YOU Think?

No doubt you've seen them on the beach this summer.
No matter which beach you go to, they seem to be proliferating.
They're those YOOGE four-post canopies that envelope big 10 X 10 or more parcels of beach property. They cost 60 bucks and up but, no matter -- people are gobbling them up and erecting them on beaches at an alarming rate.
They're even putting several together to make even larger parcels.
It's called beach spreading.
These monstrosities say: "Stay out. This space is ours. Go away!" And so, beachgoers are forced to walk around them.
When they're lined up, one after another, they can become quite menacing. And some of them, via colors and logos, proclaim allegiance to various pro and/or collegiate sports teams.
So much for the good old days of colorful beach umbrellas.
The cavernous Big Beach Encampment has arrived.
But, wait: Some towns have already started banning these capacious canopies. Myrtle Beach allows beach umbrellas between Memorial Day and Labor Day but not tents or canopies. North Myrtle Beach also has an umbrellas-only policy from May 15 to Sept. 15. Rehobeth Beach in Delaware has also banned them. In New Jersey, Long beach Township has banned them and other bans are either being considered or about to be put in place.
Turns out too much of some people's idea of a "good thing" may not be such a good thing, after all.

A Message That Continues To Resonate!

President Trump told Muslim nations to take the lead in combating radicalisation. Addressing Arab and Muslim leaders at a summit in Riyadh, Mr Trump said the nations of the Middle East "could not wait for American power to crush the enemy for them".

Any Way You Look At It, It's REMARKABLE!

Any way you look at the first six months of Donal's Trump's presidency, the results are nothing short of remarkable.
The proof is in the figures.
The economy has turned around, hiring is up, joblessness is down, the stock market is booming and new housing is being built again while home sales are up.
Business people and consumers are showing a new confidence while onerous government regulations fade away and a new "can do" spirit overtakes the land.
Just look at the evidence:

Housing sales are UP!

Inflation is DOWN!

Unemployment is DOWN!

Jobs have been ADDED!

And The Stock Market is reaching NEW HIGHS!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here's The OFFICIAL Word On That Matter . . .

WOW! This Offer Is TRULY Hard To Top!

'Charity And Justice Can't be Severed From Truth'

A column from Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput provides us with an exceptionally relevant message and an important warning:

History is full of great quotations that people never said. One of the best lines comes from Vladimir Lenin. He described Russian progressives, social democrats, and other fellow travelers as “useful idiots” – naïve allies in revolution whom the Bolsheviks promptly crushed when they took power. Or so the legend goes. In fact, there’s no evidence Lenin actually spoke those words, at least in public. But no one seems to care. It’s a compelling line, and in its own way, entirely true. The naïve and imprudent can very easily end up as useful tools in a larger conflict; or to frame it more generously, as useful innocents. The result is usually the same. They're discarded.

History is also full of unfortunate comments that really were said – as found, for example, in a recent Rome-based journal article that many have already rightly criticized. The article in question, La Civiltà Cattolica’s “Evangelical Fundamentalism and Catholic Integralism in the USA: A Surprising Ecumenism,” is an exercise in dumbing down and inadequately presenting the nature of Catholic/evangelical cooperation on religious freedom and other key issues.

Catholics and other Christians who see themselves as progressive tend to be wary of the religious liberty debate. Some distrust it as a smokescreen for conservative politics. Some see it as a distraction from other urgent issues. Some are made uneasy by the cooperation of many Catholics and evangelicals, as well as Mormons and many Orthodox, to push back against abortion on demand, to defend marriage and the family, and to resist LGBT efforts to weaken religious freedom protections through coercive SOGI (sexual orientation/gender identity) “anti-discrimination” laws.

But working for religious freedom has never precluded service to the poor. The opposite is true. In America, the liberty of religious communities has always been a seedbed of social action and ministry to those in need.

The divide between Catholic and other faith communities has often run deep. Only real and present danger could draw them together. The cooperation of Catholics and evangelicals was quite rare when I was a young priest. Their current mutual aid, the ecumenism that seems to so worry La Civilta Cattolica, is a function of shared concerns and principles, not ambition for political power. As an evangelical friend once said, the whole idea of Baptist faith cuts against the integration of Church and state. Foreign observers who want to criticize the United States and its religious landscape – and yes, there’s always plenty to criticize -- should note that fact. It’s rather basic.

Dismissing today’s attacks on religious liberty as a “narrative of fear” -- as the La Civiltà Cattolica author curiously describes it -- might have made some sense 25 years ago. Now it sounds willfully ignorant. It also ignores the fact that America’s culture wars weren’t wanted, and weren’t started, by people faithful to constant Christian belief. So it’s an especially odd kind of surprise when believers are attacked by their co-religionists merely for fighting for what their Churches have always held to be true.

Earlier this month, one of the main architects and financiers of today’s LGBT activism said publicly what should have been obvious all along: The goal of at least some gay activism is not simply to assure equality for the same-sex attracted, but to “punish the wicked” – in other words, to punish those who oppose the LGBT cultural agenda. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out whom that might include. Today’s conflicts over sexual freedom and identity involve an almost perfect inversion of what we once meant by right and wrong.

Catholics are called to treat all persons with charity and justice. That includes those who hate what we believe. It demands a conversion of heart. It demands patience, courage and humility. We need to shed any self-righteousness. But charity and justice can’t be severed from truth. For Christians, Scripture is the Word of God, the revelation of God’s truth – and there’s no way to soften or detour around the substance of Romans 1:18-32, or any of the other biblical calls to sexual integrity and virtuous conduct. Trying to do so demeans what Christians have always claimed to believe. It reduces us to useful tools of those who would smother the faith that so many other Christians have suffered, and are now suffering, to fully witness.

This is why groups that fight for religious liberty in our courts, legislatures, and in the public square – distinguished groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom and Becket (formerly the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty) – are heroes, not “haters.”

And if their efforts draw Catholics, evangelicals and other people of good will together in common cause, we should thank God for the unity it brings.

The Archbishop encourages readers to learn more about, and to support with their prayers and resources, the Alliance Defending Freedom at, and Becket at

A Truly Inspiring Story; An Uplifting Program!

Art-Reach presents I AM Premiere
Art-Reach presents
Documentary Film Premiere of 
"I AM"

September 19 | 6 PM
Art-Reach is proud to announce the premiere of our Documentary “I Am” this September 19th at 6pm at the Prince Theater. This premiere will include a reception, film viewing, followed by a question and answer session with the dancers and filmmaker.
The film “I Am” follows the journey of six students from St Katherine’s Special Education School and 8 dancers from the Pennsylvania Ballet’s Second Company to create a fully realized Ballet piece choreographed by Jessica Kilpatrick. For 10 weeks Filmmaker Glenn Holsten and his crew from Freshfly productions documented this journey, a product of our ENCORE program, where people with disabilities engage with the arts in a participatory way.
Prince Theater | Main Stage
Reserved Seating: $35
Click Here for Tickets!

THIS Is The One To Watch Out For!

Finally, an intelligent movie for sophisticated audiences.
In theaters mid-August.
It can't arrive soon enough!

Horror Of Horrors! Imagine The Bungling! OMG!

Well, isn't this what a lot of people must be thinking, huh? Really!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Truly, Does Their Hypocrisy Know No Bounds?

From our friends at Save Jersey:

by Matt Rooney

Submitted for your consideration….
The MOST glaring contradictions characterizing the modern Left:
(1) Don’t believe in God or respect organized religion but have 100% faith in massive, unaccountable government bureaucracies.
The most glaring contradiction of all! And I think little elaboration is needed as to why it’s so glaring. The idea of an omnipotent supreme being — either in the traditional monotheistic sense or some sort of Jeffersonian Deistic entity — is far-fetched but a government designed by imperfect humans can clothe the naked, feed the hungry, make life-and-death health care decisions (you know… play God!) and that’s not crazy?
They also mock religious conformity to dogma but demand criminal sanctions for anyone who questions a scientific theory like that of human-driven climate change.
I respect folks who say they don’t know what comes next, Save Jerseyans. I do not respect people who simply want to kill God in order to play God or justify their own bad behavior. 
(2) Drone on endlessly about ’empowerment’ but all of their grand ideas promote only life-long government dependence.
“Empowerment” is a favorite liberal buzz word. What they’re really aiming at is dependence as demonstrated by the fact that every single “empowering” idea involves a bigger, stronger, more expensive, freedom-constricting law, regulation or program. E.g. Urban parents who want vouchers to liberate their children from failing schools and hand guns to protect them from neighborhood drug violence are ignored. The true motivation is control and it’s as transparent as it is disgusting.
(3) Complain about being stereotyped but practice self-segregation at every turn.
“Hi, I’m Kari the Liberal. I don’t want to be discriminated against on the basis of my gender, or treated as if nothing more than my gender, but I’m going to teach my kids that all men are likely sexual predators and demand special rights including the ‘right’ to kill my unborn daughter while donning a vagina hat, agitate for women-only everything, study women’s studies in college, insist that the most important qualification associated with any female candidate for public office is her ovaries, and invest phrases like ‘mansplaining’ to shut down any attempts to question my bizarre, socially-destructive behavior.”
We could play this same game for any of the individual segments of the Left’s coalition, Save Jerseyans. Equality is how the platform is presented but equality is never truly the actual goal.
Want to be equal? Starting prioritizing your humanity, and that of your ideological adversaries, ahead of your coveted sociological designation. 
(4) Support the Democrat Party but exhibit an appalling lack of respect for democracy.
Remember when Donald Trump was castigated for refusing to unequivocally accept the result of the 2016 presidential election before the election even happened?
The #Resist squad has selective memory.
Leftist-style Democracy = the right to choose their candidates and vision for America.
(5) Profess a love of education but promote indoctrination whenever given the chance.
I touched on this above with my vouchers comment, but if the Left was truly interested in education, they’d focus on teaching children how to think as opposed to what to think. Unfortunately, visit any K-12 or post-secondary classroom in America and indoctrination is the order of the day. The problem starts early in states like New Jersey where the all-powerful teacher’s union would rather protect failing schools — which in some cases cost out-of-district taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars per year, per student — than allow free market reforms to even the playing field. Why? Protecting ideological homogeneity is more important. 
(6) Praise diversity… unless it’s diversity of thought.
See #5 above. For a group of people OBSESSED with the concept of diversity as a good unto itself, Leftists routinely go out of their way to demand homogeneity. We’ve already touched on the educational dimension (you’re all familiar with “safe spaces” by now) but this attitude extends to the workplace and the popular cultures, too. E.g. If you’re black? Better vote Democrat or you’re actually… white? The inference being that black people are SUPPOSED to think a certain way… THEIR way. See the Condi Rice Rutgers fiasco for all the proof you need. I also recommend following The College Fix and for constant monitoring of the topic.
(7) Talk a lot about love but say/do/commit a lot of objectively hateful things.
These boorish “Hate has no home here” yard signs are the new awareness ribbons. Condescension and tokenism at their worst. Btw – Want to live in a less ‘hateful’ country? Stop behaving as if everyone who doesn’t share your politics is a hateful monster.
(8) Morality matters until a liberal needs a pass.
Choice A: Bill Clinton.
Choice B: Donald Trump.
Your 19-year old daughter needs a ride back to college this fall. You MUST pick one of the presidents to man the wheel, and there’s only room in the car for the driver and your baby girl (she’s not a light packer). Who would you choose? The guy who has been repeatedly accused of sexual assault? Or the guy who says some inappropriate stuff?
I have repeatedly criticized Donald Trump’s behavior here on this site, folks. I’m not one of these “our team does no wrong” mouth pieces. That being said, the Left continues to erode its own credibility by applying different standards of morality depending upon the subject’s ideological orientation.
Another example of moral relativism? The Left’s refusal to get serious about Islam’s many failings in the human rights department. The aforementioned “Hate has no home here” signs contain print in the Arabic language, the dominant language of a part of the world where women have no rights and homosexuals are abused or even killed. Hmmm….
(9) Are extremely generous with other people’s money.
This point dovetails with my “empowerment” point earlier on in this list. Don’t take my word for it; I’ll never forget the story titled “Bleeding Heart Tightwads” published in a December 2008 edition of The New York Times. Trigger warning: a more recent survey found Republican men are far-and-away America’s most generous subset of tippers. At the bottom of the pack? Liberal women. Liberals LOVE charity when someone else is footing the bill. That’s one of the many dehumanizing side effects of putting the government at the center of a nation’s being rather than the individual, God, community, religion, whatever
(10) Revere science when it fits the narrative.
Hillary chuckled at her nominating convention while expressing Democrats’ acceptance of science. What she forgot to mention is how uneven this acceptance turns out to be in practice. For example, Democrats continue to adhere to unfounded fears concerning nuclear energy which have been debunked or neutralized by scientific advances. They’ve severely stunted America’s progression towards a clean energy future as a result. As with most things, Democrats pick and choose the science they like, shunning the true spirit of critical scientific inquiry whenever said science doesn’t fit the narrative (e.g. evidence of forged climate data or earlier and earlier detection of heart beats and pain intolerance in unborn children as evidence of their humanity).