Monday, September 26, 2016

'Trigger Warning' Ahead Of Tonight's Debate . . .

Remember This While Watching Tonight . . .

34 Catholics You Really Need To Know!

The Donald J. Trump campaign announced a new group convened to provide advisory support to Mr. Trump on those issues and policies important to Catholics and other people of faith in America.

The Catholic Advisory Group is a key element of the Faith and Cultural Advisory Committee to the campaign. And Mr. Joseph Cella, Founder of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, will serve as the Catholic Liaison for the members and the campaign.

The formation of this group represents Donald J. Trump’s endorsement of a range of issues and policies important to Catholics and other Christians, and his desire to have access to the wise counsel of such leaders.

“On the issues and policies of greatest concern to Catholics, Donald Trump will fight for Catholics whereas Hillary Clinton is openly hostile to those issue of greatest concern to Catholics and will attack the core teachings of the Catholic Church, and has worked against them as First Lady, as US Senator and as Secretary of State, and would continue to do so if she is elected President,” said Congressman Sean Duffy.

“Catholics are particularly concerned that she would pack the Supreme Court with 3-5 young ideological liberals whose decisions will have far reaching and long lasting implication for the Catholic Church and the lay faithful on everything from the pro-life issue, to religious liberty to health care and educational mandates, just to name a few,” Duffy concluded.

“America is on the wrong track, as economic opportunities wane and families face a coarsened society where people of faith feel bullied, disrespected and marginalized. We have slipped so far, so fast, at a pace quickened by our failure to uphold the dignity of unborn life,” said Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union. “There are moments when people of deep faith have to stand up. Voters who know deep in their soul that America needs to heal also know we need refreshing, bold conservative leadership. 2016 is one of those times and I’m proud to support Donald Trump for President.”

Click here to view Mr. Trump's Issues of Importance to Catholics

The Catholic Advisory Group Members are as follows:

1. Sen. Rick Santorum, Former US Senator and presidential candidate

2. Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List

3. The Honorable Matt Schlapp, Chairman, American Conservative Union

4. Ambassador Francis Rooney, Former US Ambassador to the Holy See

5. Sean Fieler, President, Chiaroscuro Foundation

6. Rev. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

7. Chris Slattery, Founder & President, Expectant Mother Care

8. Cong. Andrew Harris, US Congressman, Maryland, 1st District

9. Janet Morana, Co-Founder, Silent No More Campaign

10. John Klink, President Emeritus, International Catholic Migration Commission

11. Marjorie Murphy Campbell, Founder & Publisher, New Feminism

12. Deacon Keith Fournier, Chairman, Common Good Foundation and Common Good Alliance

13. Tony Maas, President & CEO of JTM Food Group

14. Patrick Walsh, Former Chief Secretary and Attache, US Embassy, Dublin, Ireland

15. Matt Smith, President, Catholic Advocate, Board Member, American Conservative Union

16. Austin Ruse, President, Center for Family and Human Rights

17. Richard Viguerie, Chairman, ConservativeHQ

18. Angela Flood, Former Director, Secretariat of Communications, Archdiocese of Washington, DC

19. Lou Murray, New York Life Financial Consultant

20. Lisa Bourne, Journalist, LifeSiteNews

21. Cong. Steve Chabot, US Congressman, Ohio, 1st District

22. Cong. Mike Kelly, US Congressman, Pennsylvania, 3rd District

23. Ed Martin, President, Eagle Forum

24. Chuck Mifsud, President, Catholics for Ohio

25. Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas Governor and former Kansas US Senator

26. Tom Monaghan, Founder, Ave Maria University/Ave Maria School of Law

27. Mark Corallo, Founder, Corallo Media Strategies

28. Jay Shepard, RNC National Committeeman, Vermont

29. Joseph Cella, Founder, National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

30. "The Honorable" Faith Whittlesey, Former US Ambassador to Switzerland and "member of White House senior staff, Reagan Administration"

31. The Honorable R. James Nicholson, Former Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Ambassador to the Holy See

32. The Honorable Frank Keating, Former Governor of Oklahoma

33. The Honorable Sean Duffy, Congressman, Wisconsin, 7th District

34. Mary Matalin, Former Counselor to the Vice President

The Figures Just Get Better And Better . . .

Well, this is the FOURTH national poll that now shows Trump clearly in the lead.
What you see above are the latest results from the Bloomberg Poll.
Trump also leads in the LA Times national poll (by FOUR points) in the Reuters poll (again, by FOUR points) and the Rasmussen poll by a whopping FIVE points.
The trend is clear.
Going into the debate, Donald Trump has all the momentum!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Remembering A Sports Legend, American Hero

Golfing great, American patriot and US sports legend Arnold Palmer has died at age 87.

Palmer was a truly gracious and charismatic sports hero who captivated not just golf players and fans but the entire nation with his charm, his grace and his sportsmanlike manner. He was also a hugely successful businessman and irrepressible public figure. Few icons have remained so enduringly beloved as this man.

Arnold Daniel Palmer (September 10, 1929 – September 25, 2016) an American professional golfer, is generally regarded as one of the greatest players in professional golf history. He won numerous events on both the PGA Tour and Champions Tour, dating back to 1955. Nicknamed "The King", he was one of golf's most popular stars and its most important trailblazer, because he was the first superstar of the sport's television age, which began in the 1950s.

Palmer's social impact on behalf of golf was perhaps unrivaled among fellow professionals; his humble background and plain-spoken popularity helped change the perception of golf as an elite, upper-class pastime to a more democratic sport accessible to middle and working classes. Palmer is part of "The Big Three" in golf during the 1960s, along with Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player, who are widely credited with popularizing and commercializing the sport around the world.

Palmer won the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998, and in 1974 was one of the 13 original inductees into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

How Trump Can Win The Big Debate . . .

They're saying that the bar has been set exceptionally low for Donald Trump heading into Monday night's big presidential debate. And Hillary's crybabies have been whining about this all weekend.
But, if expectations for Trump are exceptionally low, Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself.
After all, she's spent millions of dollars on ads depicting Trump as a rude, crude, irrational, demonic, bumbling idiot.
So now, one could argue that all Trump has to do is show up for the debate and act reasonably normal and somewhat sensible.
But, don't buy that. Because the media (98 percent of whom are Hillary allies) will be ready to jump with full force on any Trump misstep, no matter how small or insignificant.
So, Trump won't just be debating Hillary, he'll be debating a whole galaxy of self-appointed experts who control not just the media but also academia, big labor, much of corporate America, the arts and the popular culture -- in other words, the whole Effing Establishment.
So, when Trump says he's an outsider, he's speaking the truth.
But in 2016 that's also his greatest strength.
And that's what Trump must lead with.
So, here are five things that Trump can do to decisively win the debate:

1) Speak from the heart. Give voice to the ordinary people who pay the bills, pay the taxes, raise our families and have actually seen their net income go down over the past eight years. These are the people who are not only worried about their own decline on the national stage but America's demise on the world stage as well. And these two must and can be linked. What's more, they're also worried about their own personal safety. And no one can address these issues like Trump.

2) Stay on offense without being offensive. Now, this is going to be a tough one for Trump. For one thing, people actually expect him to be bellicose. If he's not, he may seem inauthentic and that's the worst thing he could do because his "realness" is what actually most clearly differentiates him from the hopelessly artificial Hillary. So, let's amend this and say "stay on offense without being too offensive or overly offensive." We think that's eminently doable. We think Trump can handle that.

3) Don't be provoked. Don't be goaded by Hillary. Answer directly and strongly but don't feel a need to respond to every slight or perceived slight (either by her or the moderator) in kind. Instead, turn the moment into something more meaningful, more positive and . . .

4) Present a real vision for the future. What George H. W. Bush called "the vision thing" really is important in these debate and Trump has gotten better at this as the campaign has progressed. In formal speeches, at campaign rallies and even in his TV ads Trump is effectively contrasting himself with the past (the Obamas and Clintons) and presenting a powerful, inviting, sunny image of the America that could be. In the public relations business we understand that nothing engages an audience quite like painting a visual picture -- a picture that forces us to imagine better times for all and to aspire to such a goal.

5) Make news, in a good way. This might be a good time to unveil a new proposal, reveal an unexpected endorsement or maybe even announce a cabinet pick or two. That'll not only surprise people and capture attention but it may even throw Hillary off.

Finally, we would urge Trump to channel Reagan, just a little.
Would it be too much to ask Trump to poke a bit of lighthearted fun at himself for a change or show a softer side? Think about it.

On Sunday, Maybe You Want To Remember This....

Yeah, We Got Foliage In Jersey, Hon . . .

Here's where and when you'll find the best!

FREE Coffee & Doughnut! Yes, Totally FREE!

Well, It's All Just For Fun, OK ?

Well-known for his impressions on “Saturday Night Live,” Dana Carvey joins TODAY’s Matt Lauer for a new segment called “Lasting Impressions,” in which he imitates Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even Michael Caine – as a 2-year-old!

Oh, The Awful Struggles She's Endured . . .

Hillary and Scarlett O'Hara of "Gone With The Wind:" Both selfish. Both walk over everyone in the way on their road to riches. HOWEVER Hillary never had to struggle & sacrifice to make ends meet like Scarlett. But she fantasizes she did.

They Just Keep Getting Bigger And Bigger!

Giant Trump rally last night in Virginia!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Real Estate Taxes - Where Does YOUR State Rank?

Click on any state on the map. The smaller the number, the lower the property tax is in that state.
Bottom Line: New Jersey has the HIGHEST property taxes in the nation, by far!
Ranked #51, New Jersey's taxes are higher than 49 other states and the District of Columbia. What's more, New Jersey's effective property tax rate is ALSO the highest!
Why has New Jersey's state legislature taken NO action to reduce property taxes and why do they keep taxing and spending and raising our state debt?
The facts speak for themselves: New Jersey has been poorly served by our public officials in Trenton -- especially our DEMOCRAT-controlled legislature.

Source: WalletHub

Effective Real-Estate Tax Rate
Annual Taxes on $176K Home*
State Median Home Value
Annual Taxes on Home Priced at State Median Value
5District of Columbia0.57%$1,005$454,500$2,601
5South Carolina0.57%$1,009$137,600$790
7West Virginia0.59%$1,035$100,200$590
12New Mexico0.72%$1,273$159,300$1,154
20North Carolina0.85%$1,502$153,600$1,313
34North Dakota1.22%$2,146$142,000$1,734
36South Dakota1.36%$2,382$135,700$1,840
41New York1.58%$2,773$283,700$4,478
42Rhode Island1.61%$2,829$241,200$3,883
49New Hampshire2.10%$3,698$237,400$4,996
51New Jersey2.29%$4,029$319,900$7,335

*$175,700 is the median home value in the U.S.