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On COVID-19 North, South Jersey Are Worlds Apart

From our friends at Save Jersey,  By Matt Rooney
(reprinted with permission)
North and South Jersey has long been separated by media markets, culture, demographics, and of course sports teams.
Now there’s a new point of contrast: severity of the COVID-19 epidemic.
Everyone draws the dividing line a bid differently, but most people consider “South Jersey” to encompass the southernmost six counties (Camden, Gloucester, Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem and Cape May) in addition to Burlington County.
As of Sunday evening, those seven counties accounted for only 3.14% (29) of New Jersey’s total COVID-19 deaths (917) despite the fact that those same seven counties represent approximately 20% of the total population of New Jersey.
South Jersey’s total “positive” caseload (1,629) is 4.34% of the state’s total of 37,505. 
New York’s metropolitan area which takes in a large swatch of Northeast Jersey is among the globe’s hottest outbreak spots at the moment; Bergen County alone, whose population is roughly 50% of South Jersey’s seven counties combined, currently has more positive cases (6,187) than the entire country of Australia (5,687). With the exception of relatively sparsely populated Cape May and Salem, South Jersey’s rate of growth was uniform with that of North Jersey counties heading into the weekend.
Still, South Jersey’s situation remains cause for caution; its 29 total deaths represents a larger number than has been reported to date by 21 individual states.
How New Jersey’s outbreak began remains unresolved though some theorize that the harness racing industry – tied to the state’s first Bergen and Monmouth cases – may be the culprit.

Pennacchio To NJ: Unshackle Docs, Release HCQ

As evidence continues to mount supporting the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) against the coronavirus, New Jersey remains behind the curve in its approach to treatment and prevention of COVID-19.
Sen. Pennacchio is calling on the State health department to launch a study comparing coronavirus rates in patients who have been prescribed HCQ for other diseases and people who have not taken the drug. (
Numerous doctors have joined New Jersey State Senator Joe Pennacchio in his call to unshackle them, and allow doctors to treat patients and prescribe HCQ as both a treatment and early preventative against this virus.
“Minimally, the State should have secured HCQ pills and developed a distribution protocol,” said Senator Pennacchio.
Adding to that request, the Senator challenged the State Department of Health to immediately perform a “retrospective study” of people who have routinely taken HCQ as a drug therapy for other diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.  Such a study comparing this population of patients to an equal number of patients who have not been treated with HCQ would prove to be an early treatment protection against COVID-19.
Others such as Dr. Philip DeFina, PhD, a research scientist and former associate professor at New York University School of Medicine, agree with Senator Pennacchio.
“A retrospective analysis of people who are already taking HCQ as part of an ongoing treatment plan for ailments such as auto-immune disorders would be extremely informative data to assess whether or not these same people appear to have a decreased likelihood of contracting COVID-19.  Additionally, some first responders, military personnel and front-line healthcare workers who are already taking lower, prophylactic doses of HCQ would be an excellent source population for a scientifically valid retrospective study. Furthermore, doctor’s nationwide have been prescribing HCQ for compassionate use in patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. There has been some reporting that these outcomes are being tracked for potential studies, and they absolutely should be.”
“Relying on federal ‘guidance’ which seems to have their own issues about accepting HCQ is not enough. The State of New Jersey must immediately take a proactive approach,” concluded Senator Pennacchio.

Timely Help For America's Small Businesses

“We want workers to have work, not to become dependent on the unemployment system,” Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia and Small Business Administrator Jovita Carranza write for Fox Business.

“Small businesses often lack the reserves and access to liquidity that large companies can call upon in hard times. The Paycheck Protection Program”—signed by President Trump on March 27—“addresses this by offering small business loans of up to $10 million . . . Critically, the loans are forgivable if the business retains and continues paying its workers for eight weeks.”

Click here to read more.
“We have great patriots working across this country who continue to support our food supply chain. From the production of equipment, feed and fertilizer; to the farmer who puts the seed in the ground; to the packers, processors and truckers who bring that food to the market; to the grocers getting that food to consumers, America’s food supply is safe and secure,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue writes for Fox News.
“For decades, Americans have rallied behind their president in time of crisis, so it’s no mystery that President Trump’s approval ratings are up. Except, that is, to anti-Trump obsessives — including much of the media. ‘Who Are the Voters Behind Trump’s Higher Approval Rating?’ a New York Times headline asked last week.” Read more from the New York Post editorial board.
“Social media has given people at home a small glimpse into the lives of nurses and doctors during this time. Many health care workers have showed the world what they’re doing when they’re not working: They’re praying,” Caitlin O’Kane writes for CBS News.

Some May Not Want To Accept This, But . . .

The Perfect Time For A Warrior Leader?

 It's been said that "if you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior." 
To his credit, President Trump has the soul of a warrior. 
And that serves all of us well at a time like this -- even those among us who may not be particularly fond of him or his policies. 
Don't forget it!

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