Monday, December 5, 2016

A Moment That's Worth Reliving Now . . .

This is worth listening to once again, or hearing for the first time if you haven't yet heard it.
This is Rush Limbaugh's first reaction on his radio show to the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. From the opening of the show, Rush reacts saying, 'We have been validated by virtue of what the American people did yesterday." 
Rush is the most popular radio talk show host, and has a reputation for correcting the record on inaccurate news stories by other media. During the 2016 campaign, much of his show was devoted to making such corrections, and this is a part of the validation about which he was speaking.
This was a very special moment and represents another triumph for the legendary commentator and radio host who has dominated the airwaves for more than 25 years!

When A Picture Speaks Volumes . . .

Sunday, December 4, 2016

These Two Are Back Together Again! Wow!

"Napoleon Dynamite" fans rejoice -- Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez are back together for a sequel ... of sorts.
Napoleon and Pedro's reunion is kinda perfect because they did it for TOTS! But mostly for money ... they're doing a spot for a Burger King product.

This Is A Great Deal - Don't Miss It!

We Shut Her Down, New Let's Move Onward!

Jill Stein finally abandoned her frivolous and baseless statewide Election Contest to challenge President-Elect Trump’s big victory in Pennsylvania. At 5:00 p.m. last evening the Stein Petitioners filed to discontinue the Election Contest in Pennsylvania and the Commonwealth Court entered an Order closing the case. Lawrence Tabas, Esq., lead counsel in Pennsylvania for President-Elect Trump, his Electors, and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania stated that: “The filing of a discontinuance of the Election Contest by Jill Stein’s petitioners tonight is a recognition that their Election Contest was completely without merit, and meant solely for purposes to delay the Electoral College vote in Pennsylvania for President-Elect Trump.”

The Election Contest sought a Court Order for a statewide recount, which is absolutely not allowed under Pennsylvania law. Mr. Tabas further said: Candidate Jill Stein’s allegations created the false allusion that some unidentified foreign government hacked our state’s voting systems when absolutely no such proof existed. We believe that she always knew that she had no such proof.”

Ms. Stein and her supporters should now withdraw the few scattered recounts that they filed in Pennsylvania as they clearly have no chance of changing the results and that it was done for media attention.

The November 8, 2016 Election produced a clear winner, Donald Trump, and the actions of Ms. Stein and her supporters to create the fear of chaos by making baseless accusations of the hacking of voting machines in Pennsylvania were an insult to all Pennsylvania voters.

We look forward to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

This Is The Way It Will Be - Get Used To It!

Starting January 20, 2017! Hooray!

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Great News For Good People Of Faith . . .

Saint Aloysius Catholic Elementary School in Pottstown (Montgomery County) will relocate its campus to the former Saint Pius X High School building with the beginning with the 2017-2018 academic year.

Father Joseph Maloney, Pastor of Saint Aloysius Parish, made the formal announcement Friday at a regularly scheduled Mass for the school community.

“I am amazed. I am overjoyed. I am humbled and I am so very proud to be able to announce that Saint Aloysius Parish is about to relocate our beloved school to the campus of the former Saint Pius X High School,” said Father Maloney. “It means that the members of our parish community have joined together to make a concrete statement in support of Catholic schools. But mostly, it means that we are doing everything we can to bring the Good News of Jesus to as many children as we can so that they will have the best opportunity possible to become the saints they are called to be.”
Currently, Saint Aloysius has an enrollment of 238 students in grades Kindergarten-8. The larger campus provides a separate gymnasium and cafeteria, sports fields and stadium, a stage to expand the school’s Fine Arts program, grassy fields for recess, and more parking. The existing science laboratory will allow the school to expand its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Program (STEM). Prior to today’s announcement, the school received a two year grant for a new STEM curriculum from Project Lead the Way, a non-profit which develops STEM curriculum for K-12 students across the nation. Existing amenities within the new campus will allow for maximum implementation of the curriculum and the best possible use of grant funding.

The parish recently surpassed its fundraising goal of over $500,000 for necessary repairs to the former Saint Pius X High School building thanks to many parishioners, community members and an anonymous benefactor who provided a substantial gift.
“In a time when many schools are facing challenges, we are working proactively to provide for the future,” said Mrs. Sarah Kerins, Principal of Saint Aloysius School. “We are showing the world that Catholic schools matter; that we are alive, that we are thriving and that the Catholic community believes that an education rooted in faith is a worthwhile investment. Saint Aloysius Parish School will continue to be a beacon of light for the Pottstown area.”
The former Saint Pius X High School building is located approximately two miles away from the current campus. Saint Pius X High School was part of the Archdiocesan high school system from 1953 until its closure in 2010 when the new Pope John Paul II High School was opened. The former school building will be leased by Saint Aloysius for a nominal fee.

The current Saint Aloysius School building will be vacated at the end of the current academic year is the property of Saint Aloysius Parish. The future disposition of this building has not been determined at this time. It will be decided by the pastor of Saint Aloysius Parish in consultation with his parish pastoral and finance councils in a manner consistent with providing for continued parish viability and sustainability.
Note: Saint Aloysius School has been a vibrant part of the fabric of the Catholic Church in Montgomery County since 1912, offering a challenging, Christ-centered academic curriculum. For more information about Saint Aloysius School, please visit

Friday, December 2, 2016

A Simple Truth You Must NEVER Forget!

Awww, C'mon -- Give 'Em A Break!

We Know He's 'Off Limits' But . . . .

It's the end of one era in America, and as one First Family leaves the White House, it's time to make way for Donald Trump and his many children. While most of his brood are well-known to the public, young Barron remains a family outlier. The pre-teen son of the Donald and Melania first captivated the eyes of the world late on Election Night when it looked like he was fighting to stay awake through his father's acceptance speech. It's time we learn a few things about America's new boy-prince, Barron Trump...

Melania's only child | 0:25
Staying put | 1:06
Barron’s school is freaking out | 1:43
First White House boy in decades | 2:25
Like father, like son | 2:41
Bilingual | 3:07
Nanny or not... | 3:23
Undercover kid | 3:52

You're Really Gonna LOVE This - We Promise!

Goodbye Obama! This wonderful, hilarious Christmas song parody says it all! - - Based on a song Andy Williams made famous "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Hillary makes an appearance as the Abominable Snowman in the end... Singer, songwriter and Entertainer Dana Kamide wrote the lyrics and performed the lead vocals and produced the video. Democrats got Shellacked in last 3 elections. Y
et Obama and the media still trying to make up stories why Donald Trump was elected instead of admit that for the last 8-10 years their policies have FAILED AMERICA! Here are the lyrics:

It's the most wonderful time in 8 years
Yet some kids are protesting
while Trump fans investing their time with good cheer
Sing It's the most wonderful time in 8 years

It's the hap-happiest voting season of all
With each staff member Trump picks, Democrats up to their old tricks …Just trashing them all
but It's the hap- happiest election season of all

There’ll be one party hosting All three branches toasting
but how low now will the press go
There'll spin misguided stories Trying to steal Trump’s glory
from a playbook written, long long ago

It's the most wonderful time in 8 years
There'll be much more enjoyment a lot less unemployment
Cuz Trump will be near
It's the most wonderful time in 8 years (go up)

Hillary’s party’s not hosing they’re no longer toasting,
Beyonce, Kanye, Cop Killers, Racists and the Muslim Brotherhood
They ignored true stories of Hillary who wasn’t sorry
for her crimes now and long ago

Now It's the most wonderful time in 8 Years
We’ll deport all the criminals, Taxes will be minimal
Bad trade deals disappear
It's the most wonderful time
yes the most wonderful time
Oh the most wonderful time… in 8 years!

Now, THIS Is Something To Boast About!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Five Things To Remember About The Guy

As Donald Trump approaches the presidency there will be all kinds of theories and analyses regarding this extraordinary man and the new era of our national life that he ushers in.
You'll hear plenty -- probably way more than you've ever wanted to hear.
Amidst it all, remember these five things:

1) Trump is non-ideological.
If you're a traditional conservative, he's not always going to make you happy. And, of course, he's certainly not a liberal. Also, to call him a moderate would be laughable. He doesn't fit into any box. He's too instinctive, too expansive and --here's the real key -- too pragmatic to be contained.
This man is all about making things happen and getting things done, period.

2) Trump knows the power of tough love.
Isn't tough love exactly what America needs right now? Let's face it, we've gone soft; we've become a bit wimpy. Trump says we've been thinking and dreaming small. Yes, he's tough. He knows he's got to be tough. But beneath that tough exterior, there's a real human being and a man who can be caring and compassionate. Pay attention and you'll see some of the love behind the tough.

3) Trump understands the popular culture.
Not only does he understand pop culture but Trump is part of it. And he knows that. Indeed, he's helped to define the popular culture of the past decade. He's been a big part of it; he's intertwined with it. NO Republican in the last 30 years has fit this bill. This is yooge!

4) Trump is a brand.
First there was the man -- a big dreamer who knew he had to define himself and surpass his very accomplished father. He did that. Then, there was the brand -- something bigger than his core business, something transferable, something beyond the man himself. And the brand led to and helped to define the movement. Brands are powerful things. The best brands inspire breathtaking loyalty. Trump is a brand.

5) Trump is a master of social media.
Social media is Trump's bully pulpit. This is how he speaks directly to the people. Social media helps him redefine what it means to be presidential. He circumvents "old," traditional media to transmit a succinct, powerful message again and again. FDR mastered radio. JFK mastered TV. Trump has now mastered the single most powerful communication vehicle of his time. Going forward, the ramifications of this are immense.

On top of all this, Trump understands and knows how to talk to ordinary, everyday Americans. He talks to them in a way that reaches them -- in a way they understand. He gets it. He connects with them. Why? Maybe it's because he actually listens to them. He's obviously got a facile mind and is a quick learner. So, he doesn't have to listen too long to understand. He knows how to connect the dots. In this sense, he's very much like Reagan -- practical, grounded by common sense, relatable, resolute.

This is what you need to remember about the man as the Trump era begins to unfold.