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Don't Call It 'Fair' When It Isn't - OK?


Honestly And Truly: He COULD Be A Saint!

Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School in Drexel Hill (Delaware County) will welcome relatives, friends, and colleagues of Father William Atkinson, O.S.A., to speak at an evening community gathering about his life and cause for Sainthood.

Speakers will include: Mrs. Joan Mullen, Father Atkinson’s sister; Mrs. Janine Zozaya, Father Atkinson’s niece; Mr. Ralph Celedonio, Father Atkinson’s colleague at Monsignor Bonner; and Father Robert Hagan, O.S.A. and Father Frank Horn, O.S.A., priests from the Order of Saint Augustine. Each representative will speak on a different aspect of Father Atkinson's life and on the current proceedings in the cause for Sainthood.
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
7:00 p.m.
Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School
Anthony Frederico Auditorium
403 North Lansdowne Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026 (Delaware County)

Biographical Information Regarding Reverend William Atkinson, O.S.A.
Reverend William Atkinson, O.S.A, was born in 1946. He was a Philadelphia area native. In addition to Monsignor Bonner, he also attended the former Saint Alice Parish Elementary School in Upper Darby (Delaware County). During his time as a novice in the Augustinians in 1965, Father Atkinson broke his spine in a tobogganing accident, which caused him to spend the rest of his adult life as a quadriplegic.

In 1974, after continuing his studies and receiving special permission from Pope Paul VI, he became the first quadriplegic ordained to the Roman Catholic Priesthood. He spent 30 years teaching at his alma mater, Monsignor Bonner. In 2006, he died at the age of 60. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops endorsed his cause for Sainthood in 2015 and Archbishop Chaput formally opened his cause for sainthood this past April with celebration of the formal rite for the beginning of the beatification and canonization process. The celebration was held on the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Augustine. 

Note: For more information on the cause of sainthood for Father Atkinson please visit, information about Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, please visit For information about Faith in the Future please visit

C'mon, There's NO Question About It Now!

An Incredible Record -- And We're ALL Benefitting!

Governor Christie:
And most importantly, once again, to go to the comparison that’s often made by a lot of the liberal critics of the fact that they can’t say that our unemployment rate isn’t lower, they say well still the growth hasn’t been as great, they don’t compare well to the neighboring states, take the federal reserve bank of Philadelphia, where their leading value index was 2.34 percent in New Jersey as of March 31, which is higher than New York’s 1.62 percent, and higher than Pennsylvania’s 2.17 percent, and the nation as a whole is growing at 1.66 percent. 
The fact of the matter is that the policies here took longer to get into route because they took longer to institute because we continued to get opposition over and over again from Democrats in the legislature and the warning that I would issue to people as we enter this election season is they want to go back to those failed, old policies. 
They’re teeing them up for you right now. Corporate business tax increase, income tax increase, sales tax increase, talking about eliminating the elimination of the estate tax, all of these things are things which have led to this growth, and if you talk at all to any of the folks in the major investment houses, what they will tell you is that already their high net worth individuals are exploring staying in New Jersey as opposed to leaving, especially because of the elimination of the estate tax. 
And so all these things are things that are very important to point out and I want to emphasize again, when we walked in here January of 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.8 percent, today it is 4.1 percent. 
You know you can continue to say that growth was initially slower, but the fact of the matter is New Jersey unemployment is now lower than it has been at any time since 2001.

Normally, We're Not Into Nostalgia, But . . .

HISTORIC! Really, BIG Accomplishments!


Governor Chris Christie’s two terms of pro-growth policies are continuing to pay off at record levels for all New Jerseyans. Employers are starting and growing businesses in the Garden State thanks to the Governor’s fiscally responsible state budgeting, commonsense regulatory reforms, pro-jobs tax cuts, small business investments, a historic infrastructure improvement plan and the first broad-based tax relief for all residents since 1994.

According to the latest federal data, 313,400 new private-sector jobs have been created for New Jerseyans since the February 2010 recessionary low point, including 55,900 jobs over the past year (April 2016 to April 2017). Additionally, new Treasury data shows New Jersey is well on pace for its seventh-straight year of increased new private-sector business filings under Governor Christie.

As private-sector job growth under this Governor continues by the thousands, people should be reminded by media reports, editorials and their elected officials that history proves Democrat governors with predictably costly policies have not come close to achieving any substantial or consistent private-sector employment gains. For example, New Jersey’s past three elected Democrat governors lost the people a combined total of 407,300 private-sector jobs while they raised more than 115 taxes and fees. Also, the number of new private-sector business filings decreased every year under the last Democrat governor. Last year, the number of new filings was 19-percent higher than in 2006 when Democrats had total control of state government.

Historic job growth continues …

The latest federal employment data was released Thursday, showing private-sector employment under Governor Christie again reaching a record high, as the state’s unemployment rate continues to fall below the national average.

In April, New Jersey employers added 1,900 private-sector jobs for an average of 3,725 jobs per month thus far in 2017, while the state’s unemployment rate dropped to a 16-year low of 4.1 percent, below the national rate of 4.4 percent, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Additionally, the BLS’s monthly household survey showed another record high level of 4,343,300 New Jerseyans employed, up from the 4.32 million record revealed in the March survey.

More economic highlights …

·       New Business Entity Filings Increasing Dramatically: The number of new business entity filings in New Jersey has increased every year since 2010 and are on pace to continue that trend this year. In 2016, there were 103,129 total new private-sector business filings, a 19-percent increase since 2006, not including sole proprietorships or general partnerships. In January through April of this year, the state Treasury Department reported 38,606 new business entity filings, compared to 36,856 new business filings in the same period last year.

·       Existing New Jersey Home Sales Staying Up: The housing market again improved in March, with an 18.6-percent jump in single-family home sales, with a 2.8-percent increase in the median sale price for all properties, according to the latest data from the New Jersey Realtors, building off of a 15.1-percent increase last year compared to 2015.

·       New Jersey Homes in Foreclosure Dropping Rapidly: The share of mortgages in foreclosure was 4.9 percent in the first quarter, falling below the 5-percent mark for the first time since the first quarter of 2009, and there were 16,888 fewer mortgages in foreclosure over the past year – to a level less than the first quarter of 2009. The share of mortgages in foreclosure has declined by 1.3 percentage points over the past year.

·       New Jersey Residential Permits Continue to Rise: Residential construction activity continues to grow in 2017, as the latest data shows the number of single-family permits is 1.5-percent higher through March than during the same period last year. The number of permits issued in 2016 remained above the 25,000 mark for the third straight year.

·       The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: New Jersey’s Leading Index Value was 2.34 percent as of March 31, which is higher than New York’s 1.62 percent, Pennsylvania’s 2.17 percent and the nation’s 1.66 percent. This statistic suggests continued economic expansion for New Jersey.

·       Tourism Looking Up This Summer, Having Grown Annually Under Gov. ChristieFor the seventh straight year, in 2016, New Jersey tourism spending and visitation grew by approximately 3 percent to 98 million people who spent $44.1 billion in the Garden State and helped support 517,000 jobs.

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Amazing, Confounding And Wonderfully Defiant!

Absolutely, A Day To Be Very, VERY Proud!

A Facebook friend writes as follows, and we agree:
"Ivri Anochi" (I'm a Jew and I'm proud). I'm proud to see two practicing, modern Orthodox, kosher living Jews walking confidently and firmly through Saudi royalty without bowing, as it is ILLEGAL to be Jewish in Saudi Arabia. I'm proud to see Ivanka NOT covering her head and face in this anti-semitic, sexist country. When they leave, the Saudis will continue to curse Jews and prohibit being Jewish on Saudi soil. But for today, I AM PROUD of Jared and Ivanka.🇮🇱😇
Further reading:…/History_of_the_Jews_in_Saudi_A…

Actually, It's Never Really Too Early For This. Is It?

Full Of Themselves, And STILL Haven't Learned!

Excerpt from a very astute analysis by Ted Carroll writing for Rasmussen Reports:
As our friends at this year’s AAPOR [American Association for Public Opinion] conference already know, we [Rasmussen] were named the most accurate pollster in predicting the 2016 presidential popular vote – coming within one-tenth of one percent of the actual vote totals with over 136 million votes counted. We believe our automated private interviews, our use of internet panels and other proprietary techniques gave us an advantage over live interview pollsters in identifying the real underlying issues that led to the upset few in the industry saw coming.

Yet during last year’s campaign, any pollster like Rasmussen Reports that dared deviate from the almost absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton was going to be our next president was the target of a firestorm of criticism from the mainstream media and the so-called “polling analyst” community. This particular intimidation racket featured journalist enforcers banging out quantification “critiques” and “rankings” that falsely implied superior predictive precision. These tainted statistics provided cover for media partisans to hammer the heads of any pollsters issuing impure thoughts. ESPN’s Nate Silver, Harry Enten and their fellow travelers rose over time to Walter Winchell-like heights, only to crash - exceptionally hard - along with their many disciples on election night.
Click here to read more!

As for our own views on how polls and pollsters got it wrong, here they are:

Consider, just for a moment, how far off the mark the polls were for the 2016 election:
First, lets look at the final vote results with Trump the winner and up by 74 in the electoral vote while Clinton was up by 2.8% in the popular vote. 
Electoral Vote (270 needed to win)     Popular Vote:
Trump 306                                           Trump 44.4%
Clinton 232                                          Clinton 47.2%

Now, let's look at what the major polls and prognosticators forecast in their final predictions:
Moody's Analytics: Clinton 332, Trump 206  WRONG!
Larry Sabato: Clinton 322, Trump 216  WRONG!
Five Thirty Eight: Clinton 320, Trump 235  WRONG!
Fox News: Clinton 274, Trump 215  WRONG!
Associated Press: Clinton 274, Trump 190  WRONG!
LA Times: Clinton 352, Trump 186  WRONG!
Election Projection: Clinton 279, Trump 249  WRONG!
RCP Average: Clinton, 272; Trump 266  WRONG!

And let's look at the popular vote prognostications:
Monmouth University Poll: Clinton +6  WRONG! 
NBC News: Clinton +7  WRONG!
NBC News - Wall Street Journal: Clinton +5  WRONG!
Reuters/Ipsos - Clinton +5  WRONG!

And in some of the key states, polls were wildly wrong! Though the Real Clear Politics (RCP) poll averages showed Clinton winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump ended up winning all three, outperforming projections by 3 points, 4.4 points, and a stunning 7.5 points, respectively. That was way, way, WAY off the mark. In Iowa, where poll averages showed Trump up by three points, he actually won by ten points

Among all these, few polls seemed more off the mark than the Monmouth University poll, hawked endlessly during the campaign by its ubiquitous director Patrick Murray, aka "Pollster Patrick" (as he bills himself on Twitter).  Murray was everywhere, until the polling data crashed on election night. “The polls were largely bad, including mine,” Murray later admitted. "In key states, the narrative driven by data was wrong," he told his local daily newspaper. "We were telling the wrong story, and that's bad."

But, wait a minute. Polls aren't about "narratives" or "telling stories." Polls are supposed to be more accurate than that. In the end, polls are about hard data, aren't they? Oh, we know that there are real people and real stories behind the data, but isn't that more the business of focus groups and more nuanced chroniclers of public opinion? And, for that matter, what people are thinking and feeling and living actually drives the data and not the other way around, right? So it would seem.

Well, maybe Murray got too caught up in the heady notoriety of the numbers chase and missed something along the way. After all, he seems like a nice enough guy and there would appear to be an explanation for everything, eventually -- right? Huh?

We can't say with certainty how and why the polling was so off base. Maybe it was simply that the pollsters themselves drifted too far from the grassroots -- just like so many elites drifted too far from those "ordinary Americans" that Hillary Clinton said she didn't want to hear about. We do know this, however -- Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia (another prognosticator and well-known talking head) came right out and admitted that "we blew it." And then Sabato added this:
We heard for months from many of you, saying that we were underestimating the size of a potential hidden Trump vote and his ability to win. We didn’t believe it, and we were wrong. The Crystal Ball is shattered. . . .
We have a lot to learn, and we must make sure the Crystal Ball never has another year like this. This team expects more of itself, and we apologize to our readers for our errors.
You have to hand it to Sabato. He faced the facts and wisely headlined his post-election commentary
"Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa." Now, that's the proper way to fess up. Classy guy!

A couple of final notes: One seemingly stubborn poll consistently had an accurate snapshot of the electorate. That was the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times “Daybreak” poll, which we cited on this blog again and again. It's significant to note that this poll was mocked by most political pundits and talking heads. They dismissed it as an outlier and most refused to even support its findings. But the poll regularly gave Donald Trump a significant chance to win over the past four months.

Add to the Daybreak Poll two erstwhile professors: First and foremost,  Helmut Norpath of Stony Brook University who insisted that Trump had an 87% chance of winning the election based on his iron-clad model that has a remarkable record of accuracy. Also, presidential historian Allan Lichtman of American University foresaw a Trump win based on his model, even though Lichtman seemed to hedge his bet a bit while Norpath held firm over many months.  Hats off to them!

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We Ask You: Has ANYTHING Really Changed? Huh?

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In fact, he's ultra liberal -- a real progressive warrior.
Listen to what he has to say about how certain individuals are trying to take down a president. Pay attention! It'll do ya good.

Look Closely: Can YOU Spot The Difference?

No, OUR president doesn't bow to foreign kings.
And, when we don't bow we're actually treated more warmly and with far greater respect.
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