Thursday, October 27, 2016

You Want Evidence? Really? Here's Some Evidence

"Massive absentee ballot fraud. The Nuevo Metodo de Votar (New Method of Voting) designed to cheat Latino voters. Democratic campaign workers voting people who had died or moved from their election divisions years ago. Democratic machine thugs forcibly preventing Republican poll watchers from challenging fraudulent activity. Democratic city officials, who were responsible for supervising the election, participating in the wrongdoing. The Democratic state Senate candidate illegally sworn into office.
"Is all this a figment of Donald Trump's mind? Hardly.
"They were the findings by late federal Judge Clarence Newcomer, who overturned the 1993 election in Philadelphia's Second Senatorial District, removed my opponent from office, and found me to be the winner."

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Having A Hard Time Getting Around . . .

Hillary Clinton stumbles as she boards her plane, mumbling to herself (10-27-16) 
It's as if she is climbing an escaltor thats going in reverse? 
This was on her way to event in Winston Salem, North Carolina

You Wanna Talk Character? OK, Let's Go . . .

Just a handful of the many times Hillary Clinton has lied during her political career.

The Truth Can Set You Free, America!

Look Closely, There's A Silver Lining Inside!

RASMUSSEN POLL: Eighty-seven percent (87%) say they are certain already of how they will vote. Among these voters, it’s tied – Clinton 48%, Trump 48%. 
But there's more when you look at the internals of this poll. Among those who still could change their minds between now and Election Day, it’s Clinton 43%, Trump 34%, Johnson 14% and Stein 10%. Many more of the voters (10%) more of the voters who could still change they minds are Clinton voters rather than Trump voters. Even a small switch from Clinton to Trump in that category could make a big difference.
BOTTOM LINE: Don't believe the propaganda you're hearing from the mainstream media, folks. This race is effectively a tossup and many respected national polls (IBD/TIPP, Rasmussen, LA Times, Fox News) show it that way. Even the CNN poll has tightened dramatically in recent days. According to the Big Media game plan, Trump was supposed to be ravaged by now. Sorry. No dice. Not only is Trump still standing but he's coming on strong. VERY strong! Avanti!
Oh, and, one more thing, sent along to us from aFacebook friend: "Also, this morning's Drudge headline about the IBD/TIPP poll is misleading. Hillary has about a 1 % lead there, not 2 %, and the LATIMES poll has Trump going back into the lead after Hillary having it for the past 2 days. Both LATIMES and IBD/TIPP have a +7% Democrat bias in their polls, which is assuming a Dem turnout matching 2012, and that isn't happening."

Watch It, Think About It, KNOW What We're Facing!

Take a few minutes to watch the whole thing.
Think about it.
Know what the stakes are.
The moment is upon us.
Know what we're facing, America!

If You Missed It, It's Here; And Unprecedented!

Rush Limbaugh almost never has guests on his incredibly successful radio program.
But, just the other day that rule was broken.
Why? Because we need to her this message -- and we need to her the story behind the media distortions, evasions, hype and outright untruths.
Listen closely. You're not likely to hear this anywhere else!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Witnessing A Colossal Self-Destruction?

"As Elizabeth Warren, one of Obamacare's staunchest supporters, stumps in Pittsburgh today for Hillary Clinton, Obamacare is self-destructing in Pennsylvania. Healthcare is rising at an unsustainable pace in Pennsylvania -- an average of 32.5 percent next year -- because of Obamacare, and Hillary is planning to double-down on this disaster. For three decades, Hillary has advocated for socialized medicine. Her presidency would guarantee the continuation and expansion of Obamacare. Donald Trump will repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that provides lower-cost options, better care, and the ability to keep our own doctors." -- Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa.

The Pennsylvania Department Of Insurance Has Approved A 32.49 Percent Statewide Average Premium Hike For 2017. (CharlesGaba, “Pennsylvania: Approved *Unsubsidized* 2017 Avg Indy Mkt Rate Hikes: 32.5% (& 42K More Will Have To Shop Around),”, 10/17/16)

Capital Advantage Was Approved For A 43.3 Percent Average Premium Hike For Individual Plans For 2017, Impacting 38,043 Pennsylvania Residents. (Charles Gaba, “Pennsylvania: Approved *Unsubsidized* 2017 Avg Indy Mkt Rate Hikes: 32.5% (& 42K More Will Have To Shop Around),”, 10/17/16)

Geisinger Health Plan Was Approved For A 42.08 Percent Average Premium Hike For Individual Plans For 2017, Impacting 25,021 Pennsylvania Residents. (Charles Gaba, “Pennsylvania: Approved *Unsubsidized* 2017 Avg Indy Mkt Rate Hikes: 32.5% (& 42K More Will Have To Shop Around),”, 10/17/16)

Keystone Health Plan East Was Approved For A 27.97 Percent Average Premium Hike For Individual Plans For 2017, Impacting 129,928 Pennsylvania Residents.(Charles Gaba, “Pennsylvania: Approved *Unsubsidized* 2017 Avg Indy Mkt Rate Hikes: 32.5% (& 42K More Will Have To Shop Around),”, 10/17/16)

QCC Insurance Co. Was Approved For A 28.38 Percent Average Premium Hike For Individual Plans For 2017, Impacting 53,629 Pennsylvania Residents. (Charles Gaba, “Pennsylvania: Approved *Unsubsidized* 2017 Avg Indy Mkt Rate Hikes: 32.5% (& 42K More Will Have To Shop Around),”, 10/17/16)

UPMC Health Options Inc. Was Approved For A 26.5 Percent Average Premium Hike For Individual Plans For 2017, Impacting 110,825 Pennsylvania Residents. (Charles Gaba, “Pennsylvania: Approved *Unsubsidized* 2017 Avg Indy Mkt Rate Hikes: 32.5% (& 42K More Will Have To Shop Around),”, 10/17/16)

Heard In DC Corridors AND On Main Street . . . .

Iconic City Treasure Gets Great New Board Chair

Constance H. Williams, Chair of the  Board of Trustees of the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 2010, has announced the Board’s unanimous and enthusiastic election of Leslie Anne Miller as her successor in this position. 

The Board’s action at its October meeting completes an important transition in its volunteer leadership that ensures the continuity of its mission and allows for sustained growth. The Board also unanimously voted to designate Ms. Williams as Chair Emerita. She now joins previous Chairs Raymond G. Perelman and H. F. “Gerry” Lenfest, who were also honored with this title.

Ms. Williams (left), who will remain active as a Trustee, stated: “It has been my great privilege to serve as Board Chair during a time of great transformation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Over the past six years, we have strengthened this institution in many important ways, completing a major strategic plan and continuing to renew and improve our landmark main building. In my successor we have found a gifted leader who will build upon this momentum. Leslie Miller’s long and distinguished experience in government and in the nonprofit sector will combine with her deep love of art to provide a guiding vision for Philadelphia’s art museum. It is my honor to pass the mantle to Leslie.”
Leslie A. Miller (right) said: “I am honored to accept this challenge, and humbled to follow in Connie Williams’s footsteps. To lead this institution, the city’s great repository of cultural treasures, is to participate in shaping Philadelphia’s future. It is a center for creativity today, an educational resource for children and our schools, a powerful economic driver, and a symbol of pride. I am thrilled to work closely to deliver on its promise with our dedicated board and the Museum’s enlightened leadership, most notably its Director Timothy Rub, and its President, Gail Harrity. Though the Museum sits high on a hill, its mission is in the heart of our community. My hope is that as the Museum continues to grow, increasing numbers of people will visit often, knowing that they are always welcome and that they will always make fresh discoveries.”
A Trustee of the Museum since 2011, Ms. Miller is widely admired for her distinguished public service, what she has accomplished during her legal career, and her steadfast commitment to politics and the arts. A practicing litigator for 25 years, she served as an advisor to former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, co-chairing his finance committee and serving on his transition team. Previously, she was appointed by Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell to be General Counsel for the Pennsylvania Office of General Counsel, the state's largest legal entity. The first woman to hold that position, she oversaw a staff of more than 450. She also served as president of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. In 2001, she assumed a leadership role in the establishment of the Kimmel Center of the Performing Arts, serving as its president and later as co-chair of its board.
Ms. Miller is married to Richard Worley, Chairman of the Philadelphia Orchestra Association. They are major collectors of American art, with a special focus on works created in the Delaware Valley. She is the author, with Alexandra Kirtley, of Start with a House, Finish with a Collection (Scala Arts Publishers, 2014).
Constance H. Williams has seen the Museum achieve many milestones during her tenure as Board Chair. In 2010-2011, she played a key role in developing a new institutional strategic plan and was a guiding force in restoring the Rodin Museum in 2012-2013. She guided the successful completion of the 62,000 SF Art Handling Facility, the first of several phases planned for the implementation of the Museum’s facilities master plan, the development of interactive technologies now used in special exhibitions and throughout the Museum’s galleries, the digitization of works of art in the collection and archives, and the successful renovation and reinstallation of the galleries dedicated to South Asian art. Her leadership and generosity were critical to the Board’s pivotal decision in June of this year to authorize the construction of a central feature, called the “Core Project,” of architect Frank Gehry’s facilities master plan to renew and expand the Museum’s main building.
Timothy Rub, The George D. Widener Director and CEO, stated: “We are deeply indebted to Connie’s leadership and to her tireless commitment to advancing the work of this great institution. I am especially delighted that she will become Chair Emerita and continue to serve actively on our Board. Speaking on behalf of the entire Museum staff, we also welcome the new and energetic leadership of Leslie Miller. We look forward to working closely with her and the members of the Board, both long-serving and new, on what promises to be an exciting phase of growth in the years ahead.”
New Trustees, Honorary Trustee and Trustees Emeriti
At its October meeting, the Board also elected five new Trustees: Ellen Caplan, Phoebe Haddon, Hilarie Morgan, Zoë Pappas, and Jennifer Rice. Lawrence Berger was designated an Honorary Trustee and Peter Davenport and Esther “Penny” Fox were named as Trustees Emeriti.

Ellen Caplan
Ellen Caplan serves on The Women’s Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and was Co-Chair of the 2015 Craft Show, which generated record support under her leadership. She is a board member of the Shipley School and a board member emeritus at Abramson Cancer Center. She has been active in philanthropy at Thomas Jefferson University, University of the Arts, Abramson Cancer Center, and the Wistar Institute.
Phoebe Haddon
The Chancellor of Rutgers University–Camden, Phoebe Haddon oversees an institution with 1,100 employees. With an annual budget of more than $173 million, the campus enrolls more than 6,500 students in 39 undergraduate programs and 28 graduate programs at the master’s and doctoral levels. She had been Dean of the University of Maryland School of Law, and a professor at Temple University School of Law. She is currently on the board at LEAP Academy and is a Director Emeritus at The Constitution Project.
Hilarie Morgan
Hilarie Morgan, a former psychologist specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents, serves on boards of the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and Philadelphia Hospitality, Inc. She is a supporter of Temple University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the National Museum of American Jewish History. She is a member of the Museum’s Campaign Cabinet and the Contemporary Art Committee.
Zoë Pappas
A past president of The Women's Committee, Zoë Pappas serves on the Education, Major Gifts, and Craft Show Committees, and has supported the Museum’s technology initiatives and acquisitions for the collection. With her late husband, Dean Pappas, she generously endowed several staff positions. Zoë began her engagement with the Museum in 1986 as a Museum Guide.
Jennifer Rice
A civic leader, Jennifer Rice is president of the board of trustees at the Philadelphia School. She has supported institutions including the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Parrish Art Museum, and The Drawing Center. She also supports initiatives in education and youth development. She serves on the Museum’s Education Committee and served on the 2016 Art After Dark Committee.
Lawrence H. Berger
Lawrence H. Berger, who served as the Museum’s General Counsel from 2006 until his retirement earlier this year, has been elected as an Honorary Trustee. Prior to joining the Museum’s staff, Larry was a partner in the Philadelphia office of Morgan Lewis and a long-time supporter of the Museum. He was a member of a committee of the American Bar Association that drafted the Revised Model Nonprofit Corporation Act.
Peter D. Davenport
Peter D. Davenport, who has served actively on the board since June 2009, will continue his service as a Trustee Emeritus. He is the retired marketing director of Thomas Scientific, a private company that manufactures scientific instruments. He has served on the Museum’s Library Committee and has supported many publishing initiatives, notably exhibition catalogues produced by the Museum.
Esther “Penny” Fox
A Museum Trustee since 2000, Esther “Penny” Fox also becomes a Trustee Emerita. She has served as Vice Chair of the Costume and Textiles Committee, and serves on the Governance, Collections, and Education Committees. She is a former Park House Guide, and a member of the Women's and Craft Show Committees.

Do You Know What A Performathon* Is?

  Chris Rinaldi headshot 2 

The Philadelphia Youth Orchestra (PYO) is pleased to announce that Chris Rinaldi has been named a new trustee of the board. Rinaldi, a Wynnewood, PA resident, is a founding sponsor of PYO’s Ovation Award that recognizes outstanding music educators.

Chris Rinaldi is President and CEO of Jacobs Music Company and has been active in the music industry for more than 20 years. He has a B.S. and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, which he received in 1984 and 1993 respectively.

Each year, the Rinaldi family and Jacobs Music Company sponsor recitals, master classes, young artist competitions, teaching and technical seminars and other events aimed at musical enrichment. They also confer the annual Jacobs Music Award to an outstanding graduating pianist at several area Universities. They have promoted “children helping children” through Piano *Performathons during which as many as 900 young pianists have been presented by Jacobs Music at such venues as the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, raising considerable funds for the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital and for other charities.

Rinaldi is pleased to be associated with PYO on the board level and he said, “Jacobs has long admired PYO’s excellence in developing the musical abilities and character of our region’s young people. I feel privileged to be able serve this extraordinary institution.”

Maestro Louis Scaglione, President and Music Director of PYO, shared his appreciation of Rinaldi’s participation with the board and said, “Chris has been a longtime friend of PYO, always supportive, and to be able to include him on our board is an honor. He brings a wealth of experience to PYO that is very much appreciated.”

About the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra:
Now in its 77th year, training tomorrow’s leaders, the renowned Philadelphia Youth Orchestra organization, led by President and Music Director, Maestro Louis Scaglione, is one of the nation’s oldest and most respected community music education and youth orchestra performance programs, providing talented young musicians from across the tri-state area with exceptional musical training. Students go on to excel in many diverse fields, and it is with pride that Philadelphia Youth Orchestra notes that many members of the prestigious Philadelphia Orchestra are alumni. 

 The organization is comprised of six program ensembles designed to meet specific needs and experience levels of students selected through a competitive audition process. 

The anchor group is the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra (PYO), conducted by President and Music Director Louis Scaglione, featuring 120 gifted instrumentalists who range in age from 14-21. 

Young musicians 12-18 years old are featured in PYO’s companion ensemble, the Philadelphia Young Artists Orchestra, which is led by Director and Conductor Maestra Rosalind Erwin, who is Music Director and Conductor of Drexel University Orchestra. Philadelphia 

Young Musicians Orchestra (PYMO), directed by Maestro Kenneth Bean, is a beginning to intermediate-level full symphonic orchestra that provides most students with their first introduction to large orchestral playing featuring students age 10-17 years old. 

Bravo Brass, directed by Curtis Institute Dean of Faculty and Students, Paul Bryan, is an all brass ensemble for promising middle and high-school instrumentalists. 

PRYSM (Philadelphia Region Youth String Music) and PRYSM Young Artists ensembles provide string large ensemble and sectional master class instruction for beginning and intermediate musicians ages 6-14. The director and conductor of PRYSM is Gloria DePasquale, cellist with The Philadelphia Orchestra, and conductor of PRSYM Young Artists is Andrea Weber. 

Tune Up Philly (TUP) is PYO’s engagement program, directed by Paul Smith, that focuses on creating and inspiring true community by providing children in under-resourced communities with invaluable opportunities to learn and perform a differentiated orchestral music curriculum. 

Have You Figured This Out Yet? Have You?

Unsteady On Her Feet? Well, This Happened Again!

So, this happened in Florida today.
Hillary had to climb ONE step onto a platform at a rally.
Watch how an aide rushes to help her as if it's literally a matter of life and death. And watch how she stops at the step and waits for assistance.
And this is n not new. This is the norm, wherever she goes.

Yeah, It's Going UP Again And Again And Again!

Make Of It What You Will, But DON'T MISS IT!