Wednesday, September 20, 2023

STAND WITH ISRAEL In NYC Thursday Evening!


This Is Truly A National Disgrace!

A VERY Special Message: Antisemitism At UPenn

A Message from The Weitzman

Especially during these Days of Awe, when Jewish students should be able to celebrate in their Jewish heritage, we are deeply disturbed that the upcoming Palestine Writes Festival hosted by the University of Pennsylvania features a number of speakers with histories of virulently antisemitic speech. We share Penn Hillel's concern for its Jewish students on campus amidst the propagation of antisemitic rhetoric, as well as the concerns expressed by many of UPenn's supporters, alumni, and members of the greater community.

You can learn more about the actions currently being taken by Penn Hillel, including hosting a "Shabbat Together" event this Friday for students on campus, which will celebrate Jewish pride, unity, and togetherness. You can learn more about Penn Hillel’s response on their Instagram and Facebook channels.

We endorse Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia's statement on the matter, which you can read here.

We stand in solidarity with Penn's Jewish community.


Well, Halloween Will Be Here Before You Know It


Good, First Class Comedy For EVERYBODY!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Video: In NJ, How Safe Are Your Kids' Schools?

An eye-opening interview with Parkland, Florida dad Andy Pollack, local activist Dr. Pnina Mintz and school board candidate Jack Bangan about "Restorative Justice" in our schools and the very real danger that it poses to the welfare and safety of our children.