Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Actually, It's Even WORSE Than This!


Ciattarelli Bandwagon Rolls With Shore Area Boost

 Support for New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli continued to grow this week in Atlantic County with the small-businessman receiving the endorsements of three separate municipal Republican Clubs and the Mayor of Ventnor City. These endorsements join the growing list of Republican leaders across New Jersey coalescing around Ciattarelli as the candidate to make Phil Murphy One and Done in ‘21. 

“Absecon is a small, close-knit, town full of family-owned and operated businesses whose New Jersey story is very similar to Jack’s, which is why his campaign to fix our state will resonate with so many of our friends and neighbors,” said Absecon Republican Club President Nick LaRotonda . “Jack Ciattarelli has a proven record of winning in places like Absecon, where Democrats outnumber Republicans, and is exactly the person we need atop our ticket this Fall to establish our brand, rebuild our state party, and lead Republicans back to the majority in New Jersey.”

Joining Absecon this week, the Buena Vista Republican Club and Hamilton Republican Club both voted unanimously to endorse Jack Ciattarelli for Governor.

“The Buena Vista Republican League is excited to endorse Jack Ciatterelli for the New Jersey Governors seat. Jack is in-tune with the issues of South Jersey residents and businesses. He will continue to have a strong presence in order to make a difference for our small communities.” Buena Vista Republican Club President Aaron Krenzer added. 

“Jack is the first candidate for Governor I have ever seen come to our local events, support our local candidates, and actually spend time talking to the people.” Buena Vista Municipal Chair Henry Coia offered. “He is down to earth, dedicated, and understands the problems in New Jersey.”

“Hamilton Township is, geographically, the largest municipality in New Jersey and as such has great diversity. Jack Ciattarelli has had past experience at all levels of government from the local level to the state level. He has had tremendous success both in the private and public sectors.” Hamilton Township Club President Reandolph Lafferty offered, “Jack has demonstrated a very high level of appreciation for the needs of communities such as ours and has the skills necessary to help our municipality and the State rebuild from the economic difficulties that the current administration has imposed upon us. WE NEED JACK and we unanimously and enthusiastically endorse Jack Ciattarelli to be New Jersey’s next Governor!”

Joining the three Republican Clubs is the Mayor of Ventnor City, who’s support for Jack comes from his experience, knowledge of small businesses, and his plan to fix New Jersey.

“Ventnor City is built on the small businesses that operate throughout our community, and unfortunately, I have watched the disastrous outcome thanks to Governor Murphy’s radical policies. We need a change and that’s Jack.” continued Ventnor City Mayor Beth Holtzman . "His experience with small businesses is exactly what we need right now. I am proud to endorse Jack and look forward to working with him to help fix New Jersey.”

Monday, January 25, 2021

More Alibis, More Excuses, More Gobbledygook

What An Impressive Campaign Launch!

Doubletalk: Open Schools But Don't Open Schools

Patriot Party? Right Now It Looks Like A Bad Deal!

Add up the figures. The Patriot Party looks like a bad deal for the GOP and a way to possibly make a Democrat majority permanent. That'awful news for America and for our Democrat system. But without the Patriot Party the numbers say the Republicans at least have a fighting chance. One things for sure: Republicans split into two camps is not the road to victory for the GOP.

Likely Voters: Paris Climate Deal Costly Job Killer

On his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to have the United States rejoin the Paris climate agreement, but most voters believe Biden’s decision will mean lost jobs and higher bills for Americans.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 52% of likely U.S. voters agree with what Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) said on Twitter last week: “The decision … to re-join the Paris Climate Agreement will cost American jobs and force households and small business to pay higher utility bills.” Thirty-three percent (33%) of voters disagree and 15% say they’re not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

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Sunday, January 24, 2021

The Very Best Of Those Bernie Memes!


Rand Paul Sends 'Stephy' Into Apoplectic State


Oppose Biden Appointment Of Anti-Israel Envoy

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) President Morton Klein, ZOA Chair Mark Levenson, Esq., released the following statement:

ZOA strongly condemns the rumored appointment of Robert Malley to be the “U.S. Special Envoy on Iran.”   Malley has a long, alarming record of anti-Israel hostility and appeasement of Iran, Hamas, the PLO, Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas, and Syria. Malley’s foreign policy prescriptions – including permitting a nuclear-armed Iran and evicting Jews from their homes – have been uniformly wrong and extremely dangerous for the United States and our allies.  This awful potential appointment needs to be scrapped.  

Malley’s Iran Appeasement:  

Malley helped negotiate the disastrous Iran deal (JCPOA) which paves Iran’s way to a nuclear bomb, enables Iran to continue enriching uranium, severely limits inspections, and emboldened and enriched Iran with $150 billion of sanctions relief.  

Even worse, Malley wants to go back to the same terrible deal, consistently opposed efforts to leverage a better deal, and repeatedly condemned actions that reduced terrorist threats from the Iranian regime.  

For instance, Malley wrongly condemned the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” sanctions on Iran, falsely saying that that “sanctions devastated Iran’s economy but achieved little else.”  In fact, sanctions provide leverage for a better deal and have been extraordinarily effective.  Sanctions caused Iran to reduce its military/terror expenditures by 25%, deprived the Iranian regime of funds to carry out its malign activities, and reduced Iran’s funding of its terror proxies such as Hezbollah and Hamas.  (See “The Importance of Sanctions on Iran,” Statement of Sec’y of State Michael Pompeo, Nov. 18, 2020 [link currently unavailable while Trump administration articles are being archived].)

In January 2020, Malley wrongly condemned the targeted killings of IRGC terrorist-in-chief Qassem Soleimani who was planning more imminent attacks on Americans and Malley mistakenly claimed that killing Soleimani would likely lead to war.  

Similarly, in November 2020, Malley condemned the targeted killing of top Iranian IRGC nuclear scientist and designated terrorist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.  Malley absurdly claimed that Fakhrizadeh’s death would “make it all the more difficult for [Trump’s] successor to resume diplomacy with Iran.”  In fact, Fakhrizadeh’s demise gives the U.S. negotiating leverage.  Moreover, as former British army commander, Colonel Richard Kemp explained, Fakhrizadeh’s death likely saved countless lives. 

Further, an analysis of Malley’s 2019 foreign policy articles aptly observed that Malley’s foreign policy prescriptions consist of: abandoning our allies (Israel, Sunni Arab states); raising false specters of war; and weakening the U.S. and our partners to follow a dangerous, doomed “peace through weakness” strategy.  (“Malley in Wonderland,” Nov. 18, 2019)

Further, in 2012, Malley wrote an article in Foreign Policy promoting accepting a nuclear-armed Iran and merely trying to “contain” Iran’s decisions to employ its nuclear arsenal. 

Yet, Malley condemned Obama for taking “containment of a nuclear-armed Iran off the table.”  In addition, Malley falsely accused Israel of repeatedly “exaggerating the Iranian threat”; and excused Iran from giving up its nuclear weapons program, saying: “why would the [Iranian] regime volunteer a concession that arguably would leave it weaker in a hostile environment?”  Malley thus took Iran’s side over both the U.S. and Israel.

Malley’s Long History of Appeasing Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, the PA and Iran:  

Malley adopts Hamas’ propaganda lie that Hamas is under siege from Israel. In addition, Malley favors dangerous and unlawful “unity” between the Hamas designated terror organization and the PLO/Palestinian Authority.  For instance, at a hearing in 2010, after admitting that Hamas “now has Gaza solidly in its hands,” Malley nonetheless called “the Islamist movement [Hamas] . . . besieged in Gaza, suppressed in the West Bank.”  Further, Malley stated that “at a minimum, the U.S. should stop standing in the way of a possible reconciliation agreement [between Hamas and the PLO] and signal it would accept an accord to which President Abbas lent his name.”

In a 2006 Time Magazine op-ed, Malley called for giving Iran, Syria, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Hezbollah “appealing incentives . . . other . . . than avoiding retribution.” 

In the same article, Malley also called for the U.S. to restrict negotiations parameters (meaning, interfere with Israel’s sovereign rights) by putting a “comprehensive package on the table” including a cease fire and “Israel’s allowing the Hamas government to govern.” 

Malley was removed from Obama’s 2008 campaign following revelations that Malley met with Hamas.  However, in 2014, Malley quietly joined the Obama’s administration, where he helped negotiate the catastrophic Iran deal, and became the “czar” of Obama’s failed ISIS diplomatic strategy – which used the Obama administration’s ineffective efforts to combat ISIS as an excuse to appease Iran.  (“Obama Quietly Adds Hamas Apologist Robert Malley to ISIS Policy Team,” Hudson Institute, Dec. 4, 2015.)

Malley Endangers, Pressures Maligns and Wrongly Blames Israel:

In 2001, Malley infamously co-authored with Hussein Agha (an advisor to Yasser Arafat) a revisionist article entitled “Camp David: A Tragedy of Errors,” which falsely blamed Israel for the failure of the Camp David talks. (See Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) analysis.)  Arafat flatly rejected Israel’s extraordinarily generous offers, without even trying to make a counteroffer. 

In 2010, at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Malley called for the U.S. “to unveil a set of parameters” that would be suicidal for Israel – including creating a Palestinian state on the “1967 borders”; one-to-one swaps; dividing up Jerusalem; and bringing third-party armed forces into Judea-Samaria. 

In his testimony, Malley also essentially called for uprooting tens of thousands (really hundreds of thousands) of Jews from their homes – a form of ethnic cleansing.  Malley complained about Israeli impediments to “an agreement that would entail the uprooting of tens of thousands of West Bank settlers.”

During the same hearing, Malley also defamed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s coalition partners as “a mix of right wing, xenophobic and religious parties,” and accused Netanyahu of “maddening” “political maneuvering” and “foot dragging.”   

By contrast, Malley praised PA dictator Mahmoud Abbas’ outrageous demands for negotiations pre-conditions including that Jews should not be permitted to build homes in parts of the Jewish homeland.  Malley stated: “His [Abbas’] demands for a settlements freeze (prompted, he believes, by the U.S.), then for robust terms of reference are not a sign that he has given up on negotiations. They are a sign that he wants to enter them under conditions that, in his mind, offer a chance of success.”   Malley, as always, was completely wrong.  In fact, after Israel agreed to and implemented a 10-month settlement freeze, Mahmoud Abbas still refused to negotiate.  

Malley also pushed for Israel to give up the Golan Heights to Syria – which would have endangered Israel’s existence.  Malley absurdly, wrongly argued that Syria is “unlikely to sponsor militant groups, . . . [or] destabilize the region . . .  once an agreement has been reached.”  Yet, at the same time, Malley excused the fact that Syria provided Hamas and Hezbollah with bases to attack Israel.  Malley argued that Syria could not be expected to “cut ties with Hezbollah, break with Hamas or alienate Iran as the entry fare for peace negotiations.”  (“Forget Pelosi. What about Syria?,” by Robert Malley, Los Angeles Times, Apr. 11, 2007.)

Malley also condemned parts of the Abraham Accords normalizing relation between Israel and Arab nations, and predicted that the Biden administration “would try to walk back or dilute parts of the[se] normalization deals.”

In December 2020, the organization that Malley leads, the International Crisis Group, entered into a joint partnership with USMEP (US Middle East Partnership) to advise on Israeli-Palestinian issues.  USMEP’s president Daniel Levy is the co-founder of the anti-Israel J Street, and even openly opposed Israel’s continuing existence.

Malley Pushed for an Anti-Israel DNC Platform:  In May 2020, Rob Malley signed a letter promoted by the anti-Israel group J Street, which urged the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to adopt a hostile-to-Israel platform.