Friday, March 8, 2013

The GOP's Bold, New Generational Shift: Avanti!

What we are now witnessing is nothing less than an inspiring generational shift in the Republican Party.
The Grand Old Party is becoming new again -- with new faces, new approaches and bold, new ideas.
The party that is emerging will be a stronger, more confident, more vigorous party -- one that will be ready to confront the great challenges ahead.
This is a natural and altogether healthy progression. And it will be made easier and in the long run better for everyone if the old warhorses and their followers in Congress began to step aside.
This process can commence with Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham who both embarrassed themselves this week with their smug and sour attacks on a brave and forthright colleague, Senator Rand Paul. Gentleman, your time has passed.
The new order has arrived. Avanti!

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