Thursday, April 9, 2015

Abraham Unveils Ethics Reform Plan

Here is a special message from the Lynne Abraham campaign:

Earlier this morning, Lynne stood forcefully on the steps of City Hall and announced her ground-breaking ethics reform plan to end business as usual in Philadelphia. And we are asking you to sign a petition showing your support for Lynne’s plan by clicking the link below:

Lynne’s plan goes further than any other reforms proposed by opponents in the race.  It offers specific solutions to get rid of “Big Money” politics, to demand transparency in all campaign donations and spending, and to finally put an end to entrenched special interests’ ability to pay-to-play. 

As Lynne said, “We have an opportunity for change.  I’m not afraid to take on business as usual and make the tough choices and hard decisions, and, if necessary, break some china along the way to put our government back on the side of everyday people.”

If we want to improve our schools, keep our streets safe, and create jobs in Philadelphia, we need to reform our government so it serves all Philadelphians. And Lynne is the only candidate ready to get the job done on day one.

Thank you,
- Team Lynne

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