Monday, November 9, 2015

Is Christie 'Catching Fire' In New Hampshire?

Christie heads to Milwaukee today after a three day swing in New Hampshire with over-capacity, enthusiastic crowds in town halls and meet and greets across the state. In the Union Leader today, Joe McQuaid reiterated the momentum we’ve been seeing on the ground in New Hampshire, saying Christie seems to be “catching fire.”

“People left and right like Christie’s views on the addiction problem. He says in the video that being pro-life means being for life not just for nine months but for a person’s entire life.
“Christie seems to be catching fire just as Fox and friends are trying to douse him and others and dictate a Republican nominee. That may backfire here in New Hampshire.”

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Christie pointed out once again that it doesn’t matter which stage he is on because he will continue to talk about the important issues that are at the top of American’s minds. It is not a coincidence that the Governor’s video on rethinking addiction has over 8 million views, this is an epidemic that politicians have ignored for too long and impacts families in every corner of this country. Christie is the only candidate talking candidly about tough issues like addiction and he will continue to do so on Tuesday night.

CHRISTIE: It’s really not a big setback but, obviously I don't prefer it. I would rather by on the stage where I was for the first three, but here's the thing. This is part of the problem with Washington all along, Chris, right? Everybody is looking at polls rather than talking about principles. Our campaign is about talking about the principles that we really believe in. If we have less of that in Washington, D.C. we’d have a much more effective government and I’m just going to keep being who I am. The ‘telling it like it is’ part is me being myself saying what I mean and meaning what I say, that's what I'll do on the stage Tuesday night in Milwaukee and the next day I'll go to Iowa and keep doing it. Keep working.

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