Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama Tonight? Expect Nothing New From POTUS!

Are you wondering what President Obama will say in his address about terrorism from the oval office tonight?
Here's a preview: Don't expect anything new.
Don't expect the president to admit he underestimated the threat from terrorism, either domestic or foreign.
Don't expect him to in any way recognize that he was wrong or to really accept any responsibility for what happened.
Don't expect him to utter the words "radical Islam" or "Islamic terrorism."
Don't expect him to announce any new significant, dramatic initiatives.
Don't expect any change in Obama's immigration policy or his virtual abandonment of efforts to fully protect our borders.
Instead we'll hear much of the same talk redirecting the problem back to America in general and the political opposition in particular: We have to have more gun control legislation; we must be more tolerant and understanding; we musn't jump to conclusions; we all need to chill and not be afraid.
As always, Obama will admit no wrong and attempt to blame others. And of course, he will lecture us in his usual condescending manner.
We're sorry to have to report this. But, trust us, this is what you'll hear tonight.

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