Thursday, December 3, 2015

The War Has Begun - And It's Here At Home!

A Facebook friend writes, in part ;

.....The war began a long time ago. But lately it has heated up. The enemy is in our neighborhoods. And you are involved, whether you like it or not. Because in addition to wanting to kill your military, and your police officers, they want to kill you. You are their target. Just like the people at a concert in Paris. Or a college campus. Just like people at an office Christmas party on a Wednesday in December. Or at work in an office, on a Tuesday in September. Wake up.

To report suspicious activity is not racism. To want to defend your home and your family and your person is not radical. It is instinctual. It is natural. You have a fire extinguisher, don't you? Open your eyes. Ask questions. Here are a few to start: Why are we letting the enemy in? Why are we tolerant of radicalized groups? Why are we being scolded when we express fear and frustration? Why are our police and our military under attack, while on duty or off duty? Why are so many officials in Washington silent about this?.....

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