Monday, December 7, 2015

Was It All 'Much Ado About Nothing?'

This morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responded to the President’s remarks last night, stating it was “much to do about nothing” and called out the President and Secretary Clinton for refusing to state the fact that we are fighting radical Islam. 

He also called for restoring the NSA metadata collection program so we can properly equip our law enforcement officials and intelligence community in the fight against terrorism.

CHRISTIE: Much to do about nothing, Jack. The shame of it is that the president, when we’re hit the with the worst terrorist attack on our soil since September 11th, 2001, spent a good amount of time talking about gun control last night. It’s absurd. And there’s no new strategy. The president is basically saying, ‘I’ve done nothing. The philosophy of my administration is don’t do stupid stuff.’ And he thinks that by continuing that, that he’s going to somehow defeat ISIS, which is not going to happen. And so, I was not surprised by the president’s approach last night. I heard your clip that you played right while I was on hold from Hillary Clinton, saying there are religions all over the world that have radicals who think these things. Well listen, the bottom line is that right now what we’re fighting, Mrs. Clinton, is not radical Catholicism, it’s not radical Protestantism, it’s radical Islamic jihadism. She may not want to say it and the president might not want to say it, but that is what we’re fighting. We don’t have Catholics, we don’t have Jews running around the world radicalized and killing people.

He was also joined by Jeb Bradley who endorsed Christie this morning citing his courage to tackle tough issues and his strong leadership on fighting terrorism.

JEB BRADLEY: And I think that as terrorism increasingly is an issue that the United States confronts with groups like ISIS trying to bring the fight here to our country, that’s why I’m endorsing Governor Christie for President. I feel that there are any number of excellent candidates but Governor Christie, in terms of the fight against terrorism I think is spot on. He will attack entitlements. Clearly, when we have an $18 trillion deficit that’s important and he’s been able to work in a bipartisan fashion.

Yesterday, Governor Christie talked to John Dickerson from Iowa where he once again reiterated the fact experience is absolutely necessary as a prerequisite for president.

Governor Christie is in Florida today for a drug rehabilitation roundtable.

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