Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Jersey Facing Higher And Higher Energy Costs?

Americans for Prosperity expressed “grave concerns” for New Jersey families and the state’s economy if the state adopts legislation which would dramatically increase New Jersey’s reliance on alternative energy in the future.

The measure, Senate Bill S1707, taken up today by the Senate Environment and Energy Committee, mandates that 80% of New Jersey’s energy mix come from sources such as wind turbines and solar panels by the year 2050—a move the pro-taxpayer group says will result in skyrocketing electricity rates, lost jobs and opportunity in the state.

“Far too many New Jersey families are already living paycheck to paycheck and a draconian 80% renewable energy mandate will just be crushing,” asserted AFP spokesman Mike Proto who testified against the measure today.

“A doubling of U.S. reliance on solar and wind over the past five years, up from 2.3% to 5.0%, is directly responsible for a staggering 34% increase in residential electricity prices. And this is despite natural gas prices falling 60% during that time,” said Proto. “If residents think our state is unaffordable now, they will be recoiling when they see their electricity bills in the future when electricity from cheap natural gas is replaced by high-priced wind and solar power.”

"Frankly, it's rather ironic that some of the same voices who claim to be concerned about poverty in the Garden State are pushing a mandate the will drive up the costs of heating our homes and keeping our lights on which ultimately hurts low-income families the most.”

“New Jersey families and businesses deserve access to affordable energy, not higher prices driven by a politically motivated, crony-fueled agenda.” continued Proto. “If these technologies are as viable as their supporters claim, then there’s no reason for all the mandates, subsidies and corporate welfare handouts in the industry and no reason not to support a vibrant free market.”

“An 80% energy mandate would render New Jersey a second class state making us completely uncompetitive. The impact to our economy, our job market, our state and New Jersey families will be devastating.”

“Unless this bill is rejected, it could quite literally mean lights out on New Jersey’s economy.”

Americans for Prosperity Testimony Regarding 80% Renewable Energy Mandate

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