Thursday, March 3, 2016

She Defends Supreme Court Justice; Blasts Dems

New Jersey Deputy Senate Republican Leader Diane Allen stated the following about Senate Democrats trying to change the identity and record of New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Jaynee LaVecchia:

“Senate Democrat politicians, no matter how much they yell or push, cannot change the identity of Supreme Court Justice LaVecchia — a strong independent woman with an exemplary record of public service.

“Democrat politicians do not know better than Justice LaVecchia who she is and in what she personally believes, which her record proves has had no negative bearing on her performance interpreting and upholding New Jersey’s laws and constitution.

“Justice LaVecchia has been a registered unaffiliated voter for decades. In one of the lowest political maneuvers, while Senate Democrats are using her as a political pawn, they are baselessly suggesting the good Justice is being dishonest.

“These political games have gotten out of hand and people all across New Jersey are being denied justice. It’s time to stop this nonsense and allow the Senate to do its job in confirming the years-overdue nominee at hand, David Bauman.”

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