Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Curious Case Of Junior's Disapperance

Has anybody seen Junior?
OK, so Junior wasn't bold and hefty. And Junior never really packed a powerful punch.
But Junior held his own with the big boys because Junior was compact and nonetheless appealing. And Junior was efficient and economical, too. He watched your pennies for you and left room for others as well.
But now it seems Junior has suddenly disappeared. Unannounced, he simply seems to have slipped away. And we miss him. We want him back.
Yes, we're talking about Wawa's four-inch junior hoagie -- the perfect size for just the right number of bites, often paired with a hot bowl, a cup of soup, a small salad or fruit.

Junior was a popular part of Wawa's lineup. You can see him above, on the left. And, at $2.99 Junior was a real bargain. He was a meaty little package.
But for some reason, Wawa has decided to abandon Junior. He's gone, vanished, vaporized, kaput. You can't find him online at the Wawa website or at Wawa's Facebook or Twitter page or on the in- store Wawa menu or anywhere else. You choice now: The Shorti hoagie (six inches at $4.39) and the Classic (10 inches at $5.59).
Maybe the Junior was too difficult to make -- tiny, intricate construction on a four inch roll. Maybe it didn't make enough money. Maybe there was no discernible reason at all. Maybe Wawa just wanted to send Junior on his merry way.
Whatever's behind the decision. We don't like it. And we're starting a movement here: Bring Back Junior! Join us: #BringBackJunior.

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