Friday, September 9, 2016

They're Both Phonies And They're Both Liars!

"Bill Clinton can try his best to dodge questions in Pittsburgh about the Clinton Foundation's pay-for-play business model, but Pennsylvania voters will not be fooled again. Just last week we learned that Bill Clinton used taxpayer dollars to subsidize Hillary's illegal use of a private email server while Secretary of State -- at the same time she ran a pay-to-play scheme that traded official access for donations to the Clinton Foundation. This is yet another reason disaffected Democrats and independents will vote for an outsider like Donald Trump in November -- voters are tired of the Clinton scandals, and don't want them moving back into the White House with their ever-growing caravan of ethical baggage." 
 -- David Urban, Senior Advisor, Donald J. Trump for President

"Elizabeth Warren's timing is flat out embarrassing -- the very day she rails against Wall Street greed and corruption in her speech in Philadelphia, her own candidate Hillary is hobnobbing with those same Wall Street power brokers at a swanky Manhattan fundraiser with some tickets going for as much as $250,000. Pennsylvanians see right through the hypocrisy of career politicians like Clinton and Warren, and will vote for change in November." -- David Urban, Senior Advisor, Donald J. Trump For President

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