Saturday, September 17, 2016

Yes, It Really Is Quite An Impressive List!

Three additional Medal of Honor recipients endorsed Donald J. Trump for president today, bringing the total number backing his candidacy to seventeen. These endorsements follow forty-four additional retired admirals and generals announcing their support for Mr. Trump this morning, bringing the total number of former flag officers supporting him to 164. These endorsements from distinguished and highly decorated former service members across all branches of service reflect his growing support in the military community. Recent polls have also shown Mr. Trump as the overwhelming choice among military voters.

“I am honored to have the support of seventeen Medal of Honor recipients in my campaign for president. It is incredibly humbling to be endorsed by these real and true heroes, who are some of the finest Americans this nation has ever produced.” – Donald J. Trump

Full List:
New Names Denoted With Two Asterisks

World War II
Woody Williams, Chief Warrant Officer-4 USMC, Retired

Bob Simanek, Private First Class USMC, Retired

Bennie Adkins, Command Sergeant Major US Army, Retired
Pat Brady, Major General US Army, Retired
Sammy Davis, Sergeant First Class US Army, Retired
**Wesley Fox, Colonel USMC, Retired
Hal Fritz, Colonel US Army, Retired
Robert Ingram, Petty Officer USN, Retired
Jim Livingston, Major General USMC, Retired
Bob Patterson, Command Sergeant Major US Army, Retired
**Ken Stumpf, Sergeant Major US Army, Retired
**James Taylor, Major US Army, Retired
Mike Thornton, Lieutenant USN, Retired
Leo Thorsness, Colonel USAF, Retired
Jay Vargas, Colonel USMC, Retired

Global War on Terror (Afghanistan)
Leroy Petry, Master Sergeant US Army, Retired

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