Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Obama Video SHOCKER; Flaunts STIFFY On Plane

President Obama shows off his erection to giggling female reporters in this 2008 video by CNN.
You can hear the female reporters urging Obama on as he shows off his "stiffy" (clearly visible via the elongated bulge in his trousers) while they all seem to be enjoying it.
Female voices are heard saying: "C'mon, c'mon -- you're killin me!"
They're also screaming for the Secret Service agent to sit down ("Agent, sit down!") so they can see as much of Obama's bulge as possible -- and he lifts his leg high and stretches his inner thigh so that the outline of his stiffy can be more prominent and more visible.
Yeah, they're playin right along with it -- and so is he!
Apparently, these gals not only weren't offended but they were, well -- giggling with absolute glee!

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