Sunday, October 16, 2016

There's Really Only One Way Out Of All This . . .

A Facebook friend passes this along:

People ask me, "Why Trump?"

Here's why.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from baking Obama's style of executive power acqusition into the republic's balance of power.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from her stated goal of making the US border more porous and. using American influence from coercing southern neighbors from opening theirs.

Only Trump can prevent HRC from building out her vision of full open borders.

Only Trump can prevent HRC from filling her vision of a Supreme Court as a super legislative body empowered to bring American law and society "in line" with the rest of the world and subject to global super judiciary.

Only Trump can stop HRC from codifying government support of abortion through executive and judicial means.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from bringing back the so called "fairness doctorine" which forbids conservative speech without mandating equal time for opposing views. No radio discussion for more bike lanes without a competing review of safety benefits of banning bikes.

Only Trump can preserve religious liberty by preventing Hillary from deeply institutionalizing the "Johnson rule" where the IRS dictates what religious leaders can say from the pulpit about societal behavior.

Only Trump can inspire Americans to create, work and build rather than waiting for new government programs.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from shutting down the coal industry and ripping coal culture, built over generations, from the fabric of America.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from building out the regulatory juggernaut of Obamacare which is, by design, squeezing smaller, more creative and nimble medical practices into fewer, less patient friendly mega-medical corporations.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from destroying the small business mentality of health care delivery.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from further destabilizing the Middle East by forcing her regime change on Syria, the results of which can be seen in her converdion of Libya into a failed state.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from turning Syria into a proxy war, or worse, hot war with Russia.

Only Trump can prevent Hillary from flipping back to supporting TPP which codifies the power of corporations to sue governments for presumed costs of losses of revenue to proposed government spending. He will prevent private hospitals from suing state and local governments for projected revenue lost to community clinics.

Only Trump can stop Hillary from furthering the empowerment K-Street cabal and the non-responsive Republicrat institutions which no longer listen to voters.

There is more to say, but simply stated,


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