Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What Do We REALLY Know About This Guy?

Here is a very special message from catholicvote.org:

What do we really know about Tim Kaine?

First, he claims to be a “devout” Catholic. He celebrates Pope Francis. And he often mentions his life-changing mission trip to Honduras in the 1980’s.

But Tim Kaine is also 100% pro-abortion -- according to Planned Parenthood. He has NEVER supported a pro-life law in the Senate, and now supports forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion -- especially for poor children. He opposes the Church’s teaching on marriage, and recently predicted the Church would change its teaching (hint: it can’t). Bishops across the country have rebuked him.

But Kaine is such a nice guy. He smiles a lot. And he cares about poor people, like those he helped in Honduras, right? Or is there more to the story?

According to the New York Times, Kaine’s time in Honduras profoundly shaped his political career. And there is more to the story.

So we did a little digging.
Based on extensive research and reporting, CV has created a detailed memo connecting Tim Kaine to some rather dangerous people and ideas. Questions remain as to Tim Kaine's relationship with many of these radicals, and how their extremism has shaped Kaine's political views today.

For example, did you know that Kaine travelled on foot for several hours to spend a ‘memorable’ evening with a radical Marxist ex-Jesuit who was calling for armed revolution? And that this priest was later killed while invading Honduras alongside Soviet-backed guerilla fighters?

And did you know Kaine has stayed in contact with, and recently met and praised, the protégé of this priest, who today is calling for the forced redistribution of all land in Latin America within the next 5 years?

I encourage you to read the full memo by clicking here.

In his campaign speeches and on social media, Kaine has called his time in Honduras “the turning point” of his life. I fully expect him to mention it again during the Vice Presidential debate. But central to his time in Honduras was his embrace of “Liberation Theology,” then an explicitly Marxist political ideology cloaked in Catholic teaching that was planted in South America for the purpose of stirring up the poor to violence against their government.

At the time, this was a theology radically at odds with the Church and condemned by the Vatican, Pope John Paul II, and political leaders in the United States. The Marxist elements of the theology are still condemned by the Church today, including Pope Francis.

Liberation Theology Used By Soviets to Manipulate Poor

During the Cold War, however, this new theology did have the support of the Soviet Union. Scholars of the period have written that Soviets and the Stasi in East Germany created Liberation Theology to undermine the Church and advance the Soviet cause against the United States.

The highest ranking defector from the Soviet Union, General Ion Pacepa, wrote that the Soviets believed Latin Americans could be made to embrace Communism “through the judicious manipulation of religion.”

In Honduras, the phony Marxist-tinged theology was planted to manipulate poor Catholics, instigate terrorism, and stir up a violent revolution in Honduras -- then the key ally of the United States opposing Communism in the region.

Why does this matter?

While Kaine is fond of mentioning his time in Honduras, few people ever ask what he learned there. Who did he meet, and what did they teach him? And most importantly, since Kaine has said his time in Honduras helped define his political philosophy -- what does he believe today?

It is no secret that a growing movement (think Bernie Sanders) believes that free enterprise, individual liberty, and the American system are fundamentally unjust -- and therefore the people must cede more power, more of our wages and control to an elite class who will ‘fix’ things.

We too acknowledge deep problems in our political and economic life. But socialist or Marxist policies are dangerous. And such ideas spell doom for the dignity of people -- and the Church.

Tim Kaine’s friends in Honduras advocated such ideas, even armed revolution. His close friends today advocate the forced redistribution of land by 2021. And even though it was condemned by Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis, they believe this is part of what it means to be a Catholic and care about justice.

Do you?

Click here to read the full memo.

Brian Birch

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