Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Happened Then, And In The Days Before

The way we see it, Kaine had no intention of actually debating, of actually engaging in issues last night. It was all a show. 
He was told what to say and how to say it -- how to set it all up for a planned ad that the campaign produced. 
He was pre-programmed. Clinton and Kaine are all rehearsed. It's all pre-tested and scripted. 
Clinton and Kaine are to politics and government what Pringles are to potato chips. This is simply a created "product" without a core, produced to fulfill a created "need". They have no "issues" to speak of since they cannot defend their empty, pitiful, amoral record, such as it is. 
So, what we have here is a wind-up toy attack dog -- Kaine (a man who spews artificial taglines and talking points) and his plastic martinet, Clinton -- a woman who has been so invented and reinvented and so defined and redefined that neither she nor anyone else knows (nor probably even cares) who she really is anymore. 
It's a total fraud.

So, is THIS what's really happened? 
Think about it: Maybe politics in America had all become sort of like Coke vs Pepsi. You had to be a junkie to detect a difference. It was all the same old same old. And it was a scam with basically cookie cutter candidates. 
One looked this way, the other looked that way. One said this, the other said that. But when they got in office they all wound up screwing you. 
They profited, you didn't . They moved on, you were left behind. They kept winning, America kept losing. 
The whole thing was ripe for upheaval, for some kind of bottom-up revolt. But none of the power elite could see it because they were all so entrenched -- all up one another's asses, basically. They were raking in so much dough and getting away with so much that they became increasingly arrogant and tone deaf to any rumblings underfoot. 
They felt themselves impervious to any such movement. 
And then, 
and then, 
and THEN . . . Donald Trump came along.

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