Sunday, November 13, 2016

ALERT: The Next Steps We Should Take . . .

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A special message from Brian Birch of

They are rioting in the streets.

Breaking windows. Burning the flag. Blocking entrances to schools...

In at least one case, a group of thugs brutally beat an innocent man shouting “he voted Trump!”

What these protesters don’t realize is that they are confirming for the vast majority of Americans, including many reluctant Trump supporters, that they made the right decision on Tuesday. President Obama has set the right tone. These Soros-funded mobs are a disgrace.

But I’ll admit, I am worried.

And no, not about the protesters.

I am worried that we will grow complacent -- basking in our victory over the Clinton juggernaut. 

Let’s face it: the threat of a Hillary Clinton presidency energized us all. We were united against her campaign’s smears of Catholics as “backwards,” her promise to remake the Supreme Court for a generation, her pledge to fund abortion with taxpayer dollars, and her escalation of the war on the Catholic Church and our charities, schools, and hospitals.

But we defeated Hillary Clinton. That battle is over.

The truth is: the bigger test is coming.

We expect some quick victories once President Trump is sworn into office. We hope and suspect he’ll erase the HHS mandate with a stroke of his presidential pen (maybe President Trump should give that pen to the Little Sisters of the Poor)! There will be other executive orders to rescind, and new ones to issue -- including a ban on foreign aid to organizations which commit abortions.

But then come the real fights.

And it’s going to be a political war unlike anything we have seen.

We are going to have to fend off the Left while also keeping pressure on Republicans to do what we elected them to do. And yes, be prepared, and unafraid, to hold President Trump accountable too.

Armed with the filibuster in the Senate, Democrats will fight every step of the way. The battles to replace Obamacare, to secure protections for religious liberty, and to defund Planned Parenthood will be epic.

And just imagine the coming fight over the Supreme Court...

The Left is gearing up for this battle. Everything you see in the streets is designed to motivate their activists to get involved. Their entire agenda, their taxpayer money, and their stranglehold on America is at risk. And they won’t go easy.

So what now?

Remember how hard you prayed before the election? Don’t stop.

Remember how hard you worked. The calls you made. The energy you invested in helping to mobilize your family and friends? Don’t stop.

We need to stay together. To stay focused. And to keep praying.

The Catholic vote shocked America on Tuesday. 

Let’s make sure they ain’t seen nothing yet.
P.S. It goes without saying that I’m going to need your support too. We unloaded our bank account to help win this election. We’re gearing back up now. If you can help, we need it today.

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