Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Can We Be United Or MUST We Be Divided?

A Facebook friend asks:
How can America be "unified" now when people have not been this divided and full of hate in YEARS?

Here is my answer:
Well, who's been in charge for the past eight years, huh?
Who was supposed to set the model of leadership for the WHOLE country? 
Who was it that promised to govern for ALL and bring us together? 
I believe that was Obama. 
And so now after eight years of his rule, we're more divided than ever. 
Obama has repeatedly used wedge issues to pit group against group and divide us against one another as part of a plan to create upheaval on the way to forcing radical change.
Go back and read Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. That's been Obama's guidebook.
Look at the issue of abortion, for example. I would think (and certainly hope) that you would recognize that one of the things that has really divided our nation is abortion on demand and the legalization of partial birth (late term) abortion. 
This was supported and enabled by Hillary and Obama. It's heinous and it's totally at odds with faith, tradition and common notions of simple decency
Yet, Hillary flat out said she supported abortion up to term. Imagine! 
That triggered a huge reaction. Well now, the people have spoken on this and many other issues. 
But again, it's the liberals who are unwilling to accept not only the voice of the people but also the orderly transition of power in our nation. Again and again, it's their way or the highway.
Sadly, they're the ones who are demonstrating in the streets right now and fomenting more hatred and division. 

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