Saturday, November 12, 2016

Look: A Long, Long Line Of Listless Losers!

And so now that we've had a few days to catch our breath, the time has come to catalogue some of the Big Losers in this year's presidential election.
Here we go:

President Obama - He said his legacy was on the line. It was. His legacy is now toast.

The Clintons - After more than 30 years, their era (such as it was) is effectively over. BuhhhBye!

Tim Kaine - Turns out he was a dreadful vice-presidential choice and an utter failure in the debate.

John Podesta, Donna Brazile, Huma Abedin, Robby Mook, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the whole damn bunch of 'em. These hangers-on can now be officially hung out to dry.

Big media, mass media, the dominant media, traditional media, whatever you wanna call it - It's now pretty much totally discredited. Totally! Top of the list: NYT, WaPo, USA Today, Gannett, MSNBC, all three major networks, PBS and locally The Inquirer, Daily News, Courier-Post, Newark Star Ledger, The Record. . . . Whew, there's not enough room to list 'em all!

The Democrat Party - The party of Jefferson and Jackson is now at its lowest point since Reconstruction. Do you know how long that is? Do the math.

Washington insiders - This pompous, self-absorbed group of insufferable bores got exactly what it deserved. And in this you can include those countless lecher-lobbyists and that endless sea of sycophants.

FBI Director Jim Covey - He survives, he doesn't survive, she's indicted, she isn't indicted . . . .The wheel has stop spinning and it's stopped on: "Finito!"

Big labor - All their money, all their hot air and all their thuggery didn't make a damned bit of difference. In fact, it worked against them.

Pope Francis and his band of "social justice" Catholics. The Pope talks too much, especially when he's on an airplane. He should have never meddled in American politics. Bad move.

The left coast - From Seattle to San Diego, it seems that all of the nation's kookiest people wind up on the far end. Appropriate, isn't it?

Pollsters and prognosticators - There are simply way, way too many polls and too many phony polling "experts" promoting them. The loudest, most huckstering poll promoters turned out to be the most inaccurate. Start the list with Patrick Murray and his dubious Monmouth Poll, Charlie Cook and his rapacious report, Larry Sabato and his very foggy crystal ball, Nate (the tarnished) Silver, Frank (the klutz) Lutz and the ubiquitous Real Clear Politics average. These guys made Dick Morris look like the Oracle at Delphi. Even a Chinese monkey proved more reliable.
In fact, you can add just about every poll and prognosticator to this list except for IBD/TIPP,  LA Times, our famous friend Adam Geller (always spot-on), Pat Caddell and Professors Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University and Alan Lichtman of American University. Good for them!

Globalists - Forget brushing up on your Esperanto. Learn to speak 'merican!

Wall Street - Another group (especially the hedge fund crowd) that placed a very, very bad bet. But, shed no tears for them. They always bounce back.

Hollywood - Never particularly relevant in the first place, movie conglomerates and their dim witted stars proved once again that they should stick to fantasy and leave the real world to us everyday schlumps.

Academia - These know-it-alls are gonna need one helluva big safe space from here on in.

Late night comics - The biggest offender here was obviously the vaguely French Stephen Colbert. But the truth is that they all sucked. Where's Jay Leno when you really need him?

The wine 'n cheese set - Well, you know who we mean. Urban or suburban, they're mostly insulated from the petty concerns of the proletariat -- or at least they think they are.

Environmental wackos - Particularly the global warming/climate change crowd. For years, these people have been saying the sky is falling. Now, it really is - directly on them!

Free traders - And this includes multinational corporations and chamber of commerce types. When Rice Krispies Treats are made in Mexico, you know we have a problem. Turns out H. Ross Perot was right after all.

NATO - Time to pony up, fellas!

Policy wonks - Wanna sit around all day at policy briefings? Well, you won't be doing that at Mar-a-Lago, honey. Starting right now, instincts rule!

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