Friday, November 11, 2016

Why Oh Why Does It HAVE To Be Personal? Huh?

A Facebook friend writes:

"I’ve been pondering my own thoughts and feelings the last 48 hours and have come to the following conclusion. My vote was not simply a vote against Clinton. 
"I’m sick and tired of trying to carefully craft my words so as not to offend the delicate snowflakes out there. Your politically correct era is officially over and I refuse to dance around words anymore. "Yes – I am a huge Donald Trump fan. I think he is the best candidate who I have voted for in any election. In fact, I truly believe he is our next Ronald Reagan and will do everything he can to fix what is broken about our society. I am not a bigot, racist, misogynist, or any of the other terms that I have been called by many friends and family members. If you know me personally, you know who I am. 
"If you felt I was one of these things, why would you have been friends with me for, in many cases, many years? Also, if you know me well, you know that I am a horrible actor (as can be seen in our high school “movies”). I cannot fake a part to save my life, so why would you think I am someone who fakes being nice to people and really hates them? Please don’t say, 'well, I mean it for other Trump supporters, not you specifically.' Bullshit. All of the Trump supporters I know – ALL of them, and we’re talking about dozens or maybe even hundreds, are loving, caring, gentle, and respectful family loving people. 
"It is your 1st Amendment right to call us names, give us offensive titles, and whine or cry about the results. I’m not saying that you can’t do any of that. But it’s also my 1st Amendment right to disagree with you. If you are offended by this statement, so be it. If it offends you so much that you no longer want to be friends with me, so be it. I have a huge circle of liberal friends who have not accused me of any of these things and who will most likely stay my friends for the rest of our lives. They are intelligent and mature enough to realize that this is an election and should not be a deterministic factor in our friendship. 
"I didn’t disown them as friends after 2008/2012 and I wouldn’t expect them to disown me as a friend, now. They know that nothing in this statement applies to them. I do and always will love them for their unyielding friendship. 
"However, those of you who are making the accusations or implications that anyone who voted for Trump is one of these derogatory titles are the ones who need to look in the mirror, take a step back, and consider that maybe YOU are the unaccepting, closed-minded, and bigoted individuals. 
"But, hey – it’s your right to be that way and I don’t believe in taking away that or any of your other rights!"

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