Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How YOU Can Take Direct Citizen Action NOW!

The Philly soda tax, which has now taken effect, is a COMPLETE DISGRACE and a total ripoff. 
The idiotic Philly media sat by (or actually supported it) and allowed it to become law. 
Only YOU can get it repealed! And yoy can do it NOW, before it's too late. Call TaxHappy Mayor Jim Kenny, the Soda Czar at (215) 686-2181 and call City Council President Darrell Clarke at 9215) 686-3442 and tell them how you feel about the soda tax. 
And keep posting on Facebook and on Twitter to protest this ridiculous theft of YOUR money!
Your action can have national implications. Other cities are looking to enact a similar tax. If it can be overturned in Philly, that will discourage its further advancement in other localities.
Keep raising hell about this!

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