Saturday, January 7, 2017

Remember The Names Of These Indulgent Louts

Remember the names of these self-celebrating "luminaries" -- here they are:

Jay Pharoah
Chrissy Teigen
Jerry Seinfeld
Kelly Rowalnd
DJ Cassidy
Paul McCartney
La La Anthony
Jason Sudekis
Olivia Wilde
Nick Jonas
Tom Hanks
Stevie Wonder
Meryl Streep
Chance the Rapper
Terrence J
Jill Scott
Jordin Sparks
John Legend
Tyler Perry
Robert De Niro
Steven Spielberg
Taraji P Henson
Chris Rock
David Letterman
Al Sharpton
JJ Abrams
Bradley Cooper
Magic Johnson
Prabal Gurung
Diane Warren
Larry Jackson
George Lucas
Tom Healy
Will Packer
Jonathan Tucker

Well, what do they have in common?
Yes, lots of them have just one name. We suppose they're so famous, so adored, so wonderful that's all they need, yes?
But it's not that.
No, it's that all of these (and more) partied on your dime with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House last night until 4 am this morning.
This was the Obamas' lavish farewell -- not for the likes of you and I, of course. This was exclusively for those who consider themselves the most glittering of all the glitterati.
It was the Last Big Bash (we hope) for the Obamas at a White House that has run up huge bills for over-the-top and into-the-morning wild parties that have been known to feature outlandish behavior, profanity-laced rap music, assorted questionable characters and, some say, even open drug use by partygoers.
Never has "America's house" been so loud, so garish, so showy and so crude.
It's all been part of eight often unsettling White House years -- each year seeming to reach a new record for thumbing its nose at ordinary Americans and hard-working taxpayers.
Just check out this video from the party:

And, as always, the partygoers weren't shy about flaunting their access to or their mindless worship of the White House inhabitants.
Solange called the party "the ultimate, ultimate honor" and, speaking of the Obamas, she added: "We will miss your excellence, your grace, and the phenomenal legacy you have let us all share."

To which we will simply add this: Go home, everybody. Get the hell outta town. We've got some business to tend to on the premises. Come January 20, this will be our home once again! And we mean it when we say we're gonna "drain the swamp."

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