Monday, March 6, 2017

His Impact Was Simply Incalculable . . . Luminous!

His approach was light and gentle but his impact was luminous. Yes, luminous like the light of the movie projector itself.
Light the dancing line of light in a darkened theater -- the light that stretches from the projection room to the big silver screen itself, he traversed countless miles over thousands of days and entered into our homes to bring the past back to life one more time. It was a past filled with unforgettable characters with chiseled features, distinctive personalities and rich stories. It was a time drenched in dreams and seasoned with suspense, mystery, beauty, horror, glamour, conflict, adventure and always, always high drama.
It was the world of Robert Osborne -- the world of Turner Classic Movies.
No name came to mean Hollywood and the movies more than the venerable Robert O and nobody loved the movies and all its stars more than he did.

From the most obscure bit players to the superstars, Robert Osborne knew them all.
And he managed to demystify the stars without diminishing their enduring glow. Quite a feat!
Osborne served as the primetime host and anchor of Turner Classic Movies (TCM) since its launch in 1994. This is the man who brought us into the world of classic movies, providing insider information, facts and trivia on TCM movie presentations. Every time we watched him, we learned something new. And every movie we saw meant more to us when he introduced it and added his insightful comments at the end as well. Following him through decades of movies was like a Master Class in the history of motion pictures -- all done for the joy of it.
We understood the movies better.
We appreciated them more.
We learned to welcome each new screening.
And we came to savor the sweet seductiveness of cinema, all because of Robert Osborne.
Thank you, Mr. Osborne for an unforgettable journey!

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