Saturday, March 4, 2017

Love Him Or Hate Him But Don't Go Grotesque!

From our friends at Save Jersey:
America’s most famous Jewish opinion leader wasn’t entertained by presumptive 2017 N.J. Democrat gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy’s decision to compare Donald Trump, and his followers, to the Nazi Party, Save Jerseyans.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach shared his thoughts earlier this week in a Breitbart op-ed:
It is hard to imagine that I need to say this, but any statement that associates a democratically elected president, however objectionable he may be to his opponents, to a genocidal maniac is beyond the pale. You can love Trump. You can hate Trump. But comparing him to Hitler is grotesque and an abasement of our politics.
I feel stupid even having to say this. But Hitler ran gas chambers and crematoria that murdered on average 10,000 Jews a day for three years. Comparing anyone to him, especially the President of the United States, is an affront to decency and every moral tenet.”
I do not know Murphy. I assume he’s a good man with good intentions. However, he has trivialized the Holocaust and degraded the political discourse below the nadir I thought we had reached. It is unacceptable that a man with aspirations to lead the great state of New Jersey would invoke the memory of Hitler to score political points. Murphy should apologize and retract his words.”

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