Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Oh Yeah, They Finked Out; They Get An 'F' Grade!

Americans for Prosperity – New Jersey yesterday released its 2017 Taxpayer Midterm Scorecard, providing a detailed report on how state lawmakers voted on key legislation such as the gas tax hike, corporate welfare, pension funding, and occupational licensure reform. 
AFP-NJ’s 2017 scorecard shows quite a few changes from prior years, with legislators who previously had “A’s” falling to “F”, and former “F’s” climbing significantly. The scorecard is an annual project based on the legislation key-voted by the state grassroots advocate during the legislative session.

You can download the full PDF scorecard here.

Americans for Prosperity – New Jersey State Director Erica Jedynak provided the following statement:
“Every lawmaker likes to claim they fight for the people, but our scorecard shows who consistently opposed higher taxes, special interest handouts, and wasteful spending. Sadly, the 2017 Taxpayer Scorecard shows that many lawmakers lost their way and voted for costly legislation such as the massive gas tax hike and added debt. The record is clear: either they voted no on tax hikes and wasteful spending and supported commonsense reforms, or they caved the special interests demanding more and more of residents’ hard-earned paychecks. These votes have real consequences for the families and businesses shouldering the worst business tax climate in the nation and the highest unemployment rate in the region. As the voice of the taxpayer, Americans for Prosperity is proud to let citizens know whether their legislator stood up for them and worked to solve New Jersey’s economic crisis, or supported the failing status quo.”

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