Friday, May 5, 2017

Big Victory In A Fight Worth Fighting!

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I’m in the Rose Garden at the White House with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

And I just watched President Trump as he signed his first executive order granting immediate relief for organizations that have religious objections to the onerous HHS contraceptive mandate.

The Little Sisters of the Poor are now free to serve and help people in need -- without having to pay tribute to the Culture of Death.

Will you join me in sending a Thank You Postcard to President Trump for providing religious liberty protections against the HHS mandate?

DOUBLE THANK YOU: When you donate $5 to CatholicVote, we will send a postcard in your name to President Trump -- and we will donate $3 in your name to the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

This first executive order on religious liberty comes at a good time. Just this week, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against a Catholic hospital for the so-called “crime” of being Catholic.

That’s exactly why I say this will be Trump’s “first” religious liberty executive order…. because I hope and expect that the Trump administration will take further actions to protect religious liberty for all Americans.

This executive order on religious liberty is an important first step, but it is incomplete.

While we are very supportive of this executive order, these anti-freedom lawsuits will only continue to harass our Catholic institutions and bog down our federal courts -- until Congress and the Administration make crystal clear that our schools, hospitals, and charities enjoy First Amendment religious freedom protections. Simply providing relief from the HHS mandate is not sufficient. These organizations should be free to pursue their religious mission and practice their faith in every respect.

But today is a great day. And a fitting tribute to the National Day of Prayer.

We should all be thankful for the Little Sisters of the Poor for being on the front lines.

They fought for our First Amendment right to religious liberty.

So let’s thank President Trump for restoring religious liberty.

And let’s also show our appreciation to the Little Sisters for all they do to help the poor.

For $5, we’ll send that Postcard to the President, and send $3 to the Sisters -- in your name!

And if you would like us to send a bigger donation to the Little Sisters, we will donate 100% of any additional donation you make directly to the Little Sisters of the Poor. 

Together, all of us have fought so hard for religious liberty. And this first Executive Order on religious liberty is a fantastic start.

For Liberty,
Brian Burch

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