Wednesday, May 3, 2017

What A Grand, Elegant Time THIS Will Be!

That Philly MS Benefit is back again with this year's Preakness at the Piazza music video, "5th Year Preakness Magic"! Watch as our supporters, committee members and LA Starz jam out while raising money for a great cause. 
Join the crowd on Saturday, May 20th for our 5th annual Preakness at the Pizza, a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis. It will be a great night of music, food, fun and dancing as we continue to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the MS Society. 
Visit to learn more or buy tickets!
Credits to everyone who participated in this video:
Michael Shapiro
Sheel Bhuta
Tamara Day
Jessica Snyder
Kate Marlys
Emily Moletteri
Jennifer Ashley
Geoff Gross
Gina Gannon
Alex Holley
DJ Royale
Emily Kaplan
Jeremy Kaplan
Natalie Scarantino
Kayla O’Donnell
Taranae Hashemi
Amanda White
Maria Oberst
Rachel Dub
Kamille Watson
Mike Canino
LA Starz
EBE Entertainment

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