Thursday, June 1, 2017

And More Good News May Be Ahead . . .

Here is a very special message from


I am happy to report more promising news from the Trump administration…

We have obtained a draft of a proposed rule change to the HHS mandate. While only a draft, we have reviewed the document and can confirm that the Department of Health and Human Services is considering a major revision to the unconstitutional abortion pill mandate.

This could be a major victory for religious liberty and the conscience rights of all Americans.

In the proposed rule change, religious organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor, Notre Dame, and EWTN would be free to purchase health care plans without morally objectionable services like sterilizations, contraception, and abortifacients. The Obama-era phony ‘accommodation’ rules would be gone.

Employers would not need to apply to the federal government in order to receive an exemption from the contraception mandate.Instead, employers would simply be free to select health care  plans without the mandate altogether. Finally! No American should have to ask permission for their First Amendment right to religious liberty!

Even better: the proposed draft isn’t limited to religious organizations. The draft language would allow any employer, including for-profit businesses who have moral or ethical objections, to opt out of this birth control mandate.

And this updated regulation would become effective immediately as soon as it is published in the Federal Register.

The Draft states:

“Congress has consistently protected religious beliefs and moral convictions in the context of healthcare, including health insurance. In doing so, Congress has promoted access to health services while respecting the ethical or faith-based views held by persons and entities regarding sensitive medical procedures.”

Did you notice the exact language used here? Religious and moral. Ethical or faith-based. Persons and entities. This is the exact opposite of Obama’s hyper-narrow “exemptions.” This language seeks to protect individuals and organizations -- including all those with religious or moral objections.

Of course, nothing is final until it is final.

But we are very encouraged by this news, and believe a major change to the notorious HHS mandate could be announced very soon.

The National Women’s Law Center has already promised to file a lawsuit against the new rule. And you can expect a parade of lawsuits and lies from the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and others. Even some extremist ‘Catholic’ leaders are posturing that this would be devastating for women -- despite the fact that, sadly, birth control is widely available and affordable without the HHS mandate.

We are prepared to file briefs in any future litigation, and to support the Trump administration in their efforts to protect the rights of conscience and people of faith.

We know members of the White House read our emails.

Our message today for them: it’s time to turn this draft into reality.

We’ve got your back.
Brian Burch

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