Wednesday, June 7, 2017

On The Eve Of It All: A Giant Fusspot . . .

Comey, Comey, Comey, Comey, COMEY!
All of Washington is abuzz about Comey's testimony tomorrow. And it appears that no one has hyped it more or played it up more than Comey himself, and his friends.
But when we get there, tomorrow, they'l be no there there.
Because, to begin with, Comey's opening statement merely confirms what President Trump has already stated: That Comey told Trump three times that he [Trump] was not under investigation by the FBI.
Yeah, turns out, that's true.
But Comey would not announce that Trump himself was not under investigation.
Why? Comey said it was because that might change.
OK, but Comey could have simply announced that Trump "is not under investigation at this time." Considering that Comey used that exact same phrase (at this time) over and over again when mentioning the Hillary Clinton investigation, what would have been wrong with it in this case. Huh?
Well, Comey wouldn't do it probably because he just doesn't like Trump. Ya see, in Comey's mind it's a good bet that Trump's just not aware enough, not polished enough, not Washington enough. He just doesn't understand how the game's played. Yes, President Trump doesn't follow Washington rules. And that's the whole point. That's really why he was elected -- because ordinary Americans have had it with Washington and its tedious rules and endless chicanery.
But Comey? Well, we're guessing that he sees himself not just as a Washington titan but as the most most honest guy in the room. And in Comey's case, honest would simply means self-righteous.
One of the most laughable tales in this cheap, tin horn drama is the one about Comey telling Attorney General Jeff Sessions: "Don't leave me alone with him" [Trump]. Can you imagine? Can you imagine J. Edgar Hoover cowering and begging: "Don't leave me alone with that man." Can you imagine General Patton or Elliot Ness or General Mattis being afraid to be left alone in a room with any other man? Can you? Of course not!
Comey comes off as a six-foot-eight fusspot.
He's like the Broadway leading man that chorus gals (and boys) flee the minute the curtain descends.
Comey's self-righteousness is apparently exceeded only by his self absorption and bloated sense of self worth. Considering all that, he seems to possess all the credentials of a true Washington insider -- and insufferable bore.
Oh, and one other thing: Comey won't say tomorrow that President Trump obstructed justice. Why? Well, because he never did, that's why!
Bye, bye, Comey!
Don't let the door hit ya in the ass!

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