Sunday, July 5, 2020

And Now, Time To Unmask Joe Biden . . .

Biden stands for NOTHING.
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He says whatever he feels he has to say at any given time to survive. 
That's the story of his life. 
All along, his only job has been keeping his job -- and keeping the gravy train going for himself and his family. This is all he knows. 
Right now, he's more than happy to pander to extreme leftists, race baiters, socialists and anarchists. He's a DC swamp creature who has been at the public trough for nearly half a century and is now drifting into dotage. 
He wants the brass ring of the presidency so bad, he's happy to play the front man to the lawless mob that has taken over Democrat cities. 
All of this would be pitiful if it wasn't so brazenly self-aggrandizing. Wake up, America!

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