Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Rand Paul's Filibuster Really Means Tonight

Rand Paul is tapping into something tonight -- something that seems to cross ideologies and political boundaries; something that may [still] be deeply American. 
He's hit a nerve. 
But even more than that, he showing us what selfless public service and championing principles (regardless of politics) is all about. 
And this, too: He's reminding some of us of the days when our leaders had a real sense of purpose and a decent sense of priorities; when they were three-dimensional; when they weren't blow-dried or air-brushed or reconstructed with painted smiles -- when they were real.
He's smoking out all the phonies tonight and you've got to believe he's giving smirky set a case of the chills down there in Washington.
This is a Big Moment.

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