Sunday, June 28, 2015

About That Rainbow-Colored White House . . .

After the 5-4 Supreme Court decision was handed down in the Obergefell case on Friday the White House greeting the evening lit in the rainbow colors of the gay movement.
Make no mistake about it: Well before the Supreme Court decision was made public someone decided that this would happen if things turned out as the administration hoped they would. And, who knows -- the White House may have even known about the decision in advance. It may have been tipped off.
In any event, this took planning. You don't simply change the lighting on the White House that easily.
Indeed, it was all well-planned. The White House account changed its logo to an image of the White House seal covered in rainbow colors, bearing a resemblance to the actual building’s appearance Friday evening. And White House aides gathered on the North Lawn on Friday evening to view the lights
Now, it's time for a few questions: Do you ever remember the White House being lit in green for Irish -Americans? What it ever lit in red and white for Polish-Americans, even when Poland was finally liberated from communist rule? Was it? Was it ever lit in red, white and green for Italian-Americans? Ever? Even on Columbus Day?
The answer is no, no and no.
But here's an even better question: Was the White House ever lit in red, white and blue for the Fourth of July? Not that we know of.
The White House is "the people's house." It belongs to no one group or segment of America. It belongs to everyone -- to all of us and it should always be our house. It should be a symbol of unity and undivided national pride for all, no matter our views, our color, our ethnicity, our religion or sex or our sexual orientation.
The front of the White House is recognized the world over. Its image should never be used to celebrate any one cause, segment, viewpoint or group. It represents and celebrates America. Period.
If the White House is ever lit in any colors -- and this is a big "if" -- those colors should be red, white and blue.
End of story.

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Anonymous said...

It's like the immigrantion crisis. I thought it was criminal less than 20 years ago when migrant laborers were ripped off by their scumbag employers and/or robbed on their way back to Mexico of the remainder of their meager earnings. These laborers kept their kids under control & you didn't hear a peep from parent or children while shopping. Now these kids run wild in stores screaming at the top of their lungs & their parents snear at you if you tell them to shut the F*CK up. Now these migrants feel they deserve extensive, expensive special rights at the expense of every taxpayer; free education with a very low graduation rate, subsidized health care WITH INTERPRETERS, Drivers Licenses that allow them to register to vote, etc. You are regarded a bigoteed racist if you dislike this turn of events. It's the same with the LBGTQ crowd that WAS unfairly treated in the past. The gay community, being very wealthy, was able to buy special rights for what was considered perverted for 2000 years. Anybody not in agreement with gay marriage is now a bigoted homoephobic, which is considered a hate crime.