Thursday, December 10, 2015

Who Says Christie Has 'Turned Away' From NJ?

Governor Christie speaking earlier this week at the New Jersey Business and Industry Association: Force must meet force. 
That’s it. 
That’s what politics is everybody, especially in this state. Force must meet force. 
We’ve had good candidates who have lost for no reason and we’ve wasted time that we otherwise could have spent building a better state. So, from my perspective, it’s up to you to decide now. I’ve expended a decent amount of force over the last six years, I think all would admit. Some like it, some don’t. 
That’s fine. I’ve been at 78% and I’ve been at 38% and I’ve been every place in between and if you think that matters a lick to me, then you haven’t watched me do what I do. 
What matters is what we get done. How many touchdowns we put in the end zone and how many times we stop the other team from doing what it is they want to do. I’m ready to continue to be a part of the team and continue to be a part of the fight. 
In this administration, the Christie-Guadagno administration, we will continue to work as hard as we can to create jobs, create growth, create a positive atmosphere, and bring business to New Jersey so that our people can get great jobs, raise their families and live the kind lives they want to live in this state. 
If you are willing to join in that fight with me, I think you can tell, there is not a bit of edge off of my willingness and ability to fight.

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