Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Ten Advantages Of Cruise Travel

As you may know by now, we are cruising the Carbibbean and Central/South America (including the Panama Canal) on Holland America.
We've found cruise travel to be a wonderful way to see the world (this is our fifth cruise) and here's why:

1) You get to meet lots of new people. If you choose open seating for meals and you agree to share a table there's no telling who you will meet or what new friends you may make or what new tales you may discover/

2) You drop your bags off and that's it. You don't need to pack and unpack again and again. Your ship is your floating hotel.

3) The staff is excellent. You will have a large and knowledgeable staff at your service at all times.

4) It's economical Cruises are remarkably efficient and easy on your wallet.

5) You can gamble. Every fine cruise ship has a casino and once you're in international waters you can place your bets.

6) There are nice beverage pacakages. If drinking is your thing, go for it.

7) The live entertainment is near constant and quite good. Some ships offer big productions and/or name entertainment. But all offer fine entertainment, especially in the evening.

8) The food is uniformly good and you have your choice of casual or formal dining or you can dine in your room or on your veranda.

9) There are lots of other activities: Danding, card-playing, yoga, Internet workshops, fitness classes, basketball, even rock climbing. The list goes on and on.

10) You don;t have to worry about anything. Everything is taken care of for you and (for the most part) it's all included.

That's why we've taken a shine to cruise travel.
Give it a try. You're likely to become a believer.

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