Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Is THIS What They Fought For? Really?

A message from South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan:
"I looked at this painting in the Capitol yesterday. My thoughts were this:
"Are the actions of Hillary Clinton - lies, attempts to hide things from the American people with a private server, seeming utter contempt for the common, hardworking American taxpayer, the belief (now confirmed) that the law doesn't apply to her nor her family - is THAT what George Washington and his men depicted here endured the hardships of Valley Forge for?

"Are we supposed to believe that the foot soldiers shown here, who bought into the Revolutionary spirit and risked their lives, would have done so for a continued aristocratic ruling class like we see today?

"A Justice system which would ultimately treat those who are politically connected, have aspirations, wealth, family ties, etc differently than these common Americans? Is that what men and women died for during the War for Independence?
I think not.
"People wanted to make Washington a King. He fought against them. Ultimately he turned in his military commission as General of the Continental Army - humbling himself - to exemplify servant leadership. Unlike the elites we see running the country and running to run the country.

"Look to the men in this painting as examples of how we should feel about the Comey actions of July 5, 2016."

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