Monday, July 4, 2016

Places Where The 4th Of July Still Rings True

God. Country. Family.

America's heart beats most fervently in its small towns -- the places where you know your neighbor, your shopkeeper, your first responders, your mail carrier and your public servants.
A place where "service above self" still means something.
A place where the flag still flies proudly and no one -- no one! -- is ever afraid to proclaim: "One nation under God!"
There are towns like this and people like this all over America.
Ronald Reagan knew this. He understood these towns and these people -- ordinary Americans that he called "everyday American heroes." He believed in America because he believed in Americans.
If you want to understand America on its birthday, go to one of these towns. Because, these are the places where the 4th of July still rings true.
"Hope" isn't a slogan. It lives here -- everyday in these small, quiet, unassuming towns. This is where the hope for our future will come from. This is where America will rise again, just as it always has.
We took these photos in Haddonfield, New Jersey -- a town that predates our own nation's birth. But the truth is that we could have taken them most anywhere.
There's a reason why this is our favorite holiday. It's about us -- and about our faith, our treasured heritage, our hopes and dreams, our nation, our promise to and for our children and grandchildren.
God bless America!

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