Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is This The Scourge That's Destroying Democracy?

To hear Big Media describe it the presidential election is over.
It's finished.
Why? Because the way they're telling it the polls all show Hillary running away with it. According to them (and the pollsters that they're cozy with) there's no way Donald Trump can win.
What the media are trying to hoist on us an is an election conducted by selective pollsters. And it threatens to destroy what's left of democracy in this country if it hasn't already done so.

Here's how the whole thing works: Forget that there are 80+ days till the election (a lifetime in politics, to be sure). The concocted narrative says Hillary has an insurmountable lead. The polls say it (so we're told). Nate Silver says it. The pundits say it. All the commentators say it. Real Clear Politics says it. So, if you're a Hillary fan, you can't wait to vote. You're motivated because you can't wait to celebrate. On the other hand (and this is the real aim of this constant drumbeat) if you're  Trump fan, you're disheartened. You're told that the candidate himself is frustrated and flustered and his campaign's beyond tattered, so what's the point? Just melt, OK? Go away. Fuhhhgettaboutit!
It's hard to believe that such an obviously ludicrous strategy to disarm voters is working but the power of the polltocracy and the media are so great that such a frontal assault on democracy is not only workable but it's proving to be very effective.

Two things to remember:
1) Polling is not a science. What one poll may tell you is nothing more than a quick snapshot in time. What it doesn't tell you might surprise you. Or, to put it another way, statistics are like bikinis -- what they reveal is enticing but what they conceal is vital.
2) The days of one or two steadily reliable polls are gone. Now, there are dozens and dozens of polls -- more than we can count. And we're hearing about one poll or another just about every minute of every day. In fact, journalists have become more interested in reporting polls than actually covering the campaign and its issues and personalities. Why? Because it's easy -- just prattle the latest poll results. But, remember -- when it comes to polls and pollsters, the media play favorite. They only report the polls that tell them what they want to hear -- polls that fir the narrative. And the pollsters who conduct those selective polls are often very chummy with media big shots and very good at promoting their own polls.

But there's more to the story -- a lot more.
And here are three up-to-the-minute polls that you may not have heard about:
1) The LA Times Daily Tracking poll today has exactly ONE POINT separating Trump from Clinton. ONE POINT! And, in this poll, it's been this close for awhile.
2) The Zogby poll has Clinton and Trump separated by TWO POINTS. Again, this is a veritable tie when you consider the margin or error.
3) The daily Reuters/Ipsos poll today shows THREE POINTS separating the two candidates -- again, within the margin of error and a tie.
One, two, three. These three polls show that either candidate can win. It's a very close race.
Considering all the negativity that has been thrown Trump's way, isn't is amazing that several polls even show him in the hunt? Isn't it?

And isn't it funny that you don't hear very much about Zogby, Reuters/Ipsos or the LA Times polls?
And we guess that by now you know why that is so.
It's because theses polls don't show Hillary running away with it. They don't fit the media narrative. So they're simply not reported. This is how biased -- indeed, how corrupt -- the media have become. In this race, they're firmly in Mrs. Clinton's pocket.

Now, there's one other thing we thought we'd show you.
It's not a poll.
It's not from a TV or internet pundit.
It's not from a well-known prognosticator.
But it is worth sharing.
Here it is.

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