Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Live Blogging Trump's Big Milwaukee Speech

Here we go with Donald Trump's big speech in Milwaukee at a critical time.

Calls riots "an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and live in peace." Says "law and order must be restored."

Says the main victims of these riots "are African-Americans living in the affected neighborhoods."

Trump says the problem in poorest communities "is not that there are too many police but that there are not enough police."

He charges that Hillary does not support the police and that Obama and Hillary "have fostered the dangerous anti-police atmosphere in America" and this is a disservice to "the African-Americans who are in our nation's high-crime areas,"

"The war on our police must end and it must end now!"

"The war on police is a war on all peaceful citizens . . . Our job is to not make life more comnfortable for the rioter . . . for every violent protestor there are a hundred moms and dads and kids on the block who just want to sleep safely . . . my opponent would rather protect the offender than the victim."

"I care too much about my country to let this happen!"

"Good policing saves lives."

Trump is using a teleprompter but it hardly shows. He is quickly learning to master this new style.

"The Hillary Clinton [crime] agenda hurts poor people the most."

"I will fight for those who have not known safety for a very long time."

"The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community." Their policies have produced nothing but more poverty, more crime, more broken homes."

Trump notes that Milwaukee has been governed by Democrats for more than 100 years and then he goes through the litany of failed Democrat policies and their result.

"The Democratic Party has taken African-Americans for granted. They've failed African-Americans citizens. And this is part of a corrupt, rigged system."

"The Democratic Party has nominated the personification of corruption."

"I'm running {as an outsider] to listen to your voice."

"We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which talks down and panders to minority group members and sees them only as votes. . . . The African-American community has been taken for granted by the Democratic Party and look how they're doing."

"It's the powerful protecting only the powerful. They don't care about you."

Who are the insiders? Trump identifies them: "corrupt politicians, lobbyists, the financial industry, media executives, anchors and journalists. . . . I wear their opposition as a badge of honor."

"This is a rigged system and we're gonna break this system."

"We're fighting for peaceful regime change in our own government."

"The leadership class in Washington DC (of which Hillary Clinton has been a member for 30+ years) has abandoned the people of this country."

"Aren't you tired of a system that gets rich at your expense, because that's what's happening?"

"It's time to break through the television noise, the entrenched interest . . it's time to stop making the special interests rich."

"The Democratic Party has run virtually every city in this country for 50 years and run them into ruin."

"This is the future offered [to cities] by Hillary Clinton and her friends: more, poverty, more crime and more of the same."

Trump is combining in this speech spontaneity and crowd interaction with a clear, focused, prepared, organized message. It's quite impressive! It's peppered with facts and fingers but still has zing. It's informative but zesty and engaging at the same time.

And, he's connecting the dots between crime, immigration, corruption, globalism, jobs, prosperity and quality of life.

"I am going to allow charter schools to thrive and help kids get on the American ladder of success."

"I'm going to break up the gangs, the cartels and the criminal syndicates that are terrorizing [urban] neighborhoods all over our country."

"We've seen a former secretary of state lie to Congress, risk innocent American lives and bring dishonor to our government. . . . She got special favors and no one has seen anything like it in the history of our country."

This is a sweeping speech that covers lots of ground. It's really breathtaking.

"This is our chance to take back power from all the people who have taken it away from you for so many years."

"To do this [fight for you in the White House] you need tremendous physical and mental strength and stamina. Hillary does not have that strength and stamina."

"We will once again be a country of law and order and we will once again be a country of great and unchallenged success."

"I'm with you. I will fight for you and I will win for you."

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