Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Shocking Slide You Simply Won't Believe!

1965            70      75        80      85       90      95        00     05     10        2015

Look at the above graph.
It shows the steady and shocking decline of home ownership rates during the Obama years.
Look at the steep decline from roughly 2009 to 2015.
Today -- right now -- home ownership rates in this country are at their lowest point in 51 years! 
This is what Obamanomics has given us. Look how far we've slipped. We've actually regressed by half-a-centruy.
And consider this, too:
The slowest growth rate in 67 years.
The lowest participation in the labor force.
The highest use of food stamps ever.
The longest drop in real wages in 50 years.
THIS is the record of the Barack/Hillary years. Eight long years of decline.
These are the facts. Will YOU let them run away from this dismal record? Will YOU vote for four (or eight!) more years of decline?                

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