Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Staggering Windfall She Hypocritically Reaped!

What follows is a list of all of Hillary Clinton's speeches to big corporations, banks and interest groups during the three years after she left her post as Secretary of State.
We know it's hard to read, but trust us, it's all there. 
You can simultaneously hold down the + and command keys on your laptop to make it bigger or simply expand it manually on an smart phone or tablet.
One big corporation and/or bank after another is on the list and the fee, over and over again, is in the range of a quarter of a million bucks for each speech, sometimes more, sometimes less.
The total? Nearly $22 million!
And she won't release the transcripts of the speeches.
What did she tell these banks, corporations, Wall-Streeters and special interests? Why were they so interested in hearing from her? What was the deal?
Well, she's not tellin, and neither are they.
This is what she does. She cashes in, secretly. This is what they do. They snuggle up to her, privately. It's HER business, not yours! Or, as Hillary might say: "Do as I say, not as I do. When I think you need to know something, I'll let you know, maybe!"

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