Sunday, October 9, 2016

2nd Presidential Debate - Part 3

Hillary says Trump "lives in an alternative reality."

"Donald always takes care of Donald and people who are like Donald."

Hillary now seems to be gaining a second win and she hitting back. But now, at an hour into the debate) it just may be too late.

Trump: "I understand the tax code better than anybody who's ever run for president."

Trump: "With her, it's all talk and no action."

Trump: "Her and Obama, the way they got out of Iraq, that brought about the creation of ISIS and now they're in more than 30 countries."

Yes, Trump has probably interrupted a bit too many times but he is clearly in control of this debate. He's very much in the zone tonight. Sharp. Direct.

Trump seems to know he's winning. But he has to temper it. He needs to back off a bit now. though, it is important to note that he's standing -- remains standing -- while she's sitting.

The questions have not been good for Hillary tonight. She's had to spend too much time defending herself and her record, such as it is.

Hillary at times is coming off as a bit prissy.

Trump seems to slip up on a question where he says he disagrees with Pence about the response to Syria and possibly getting militarily involved in that part pf the world.

But then Trump rebounds and hits again about announcing who we're going to attack and what we're going to do before we do it. "Why give that away?" he says. "Why?"

Hillary: "I would not use American ground forces in Syria."

Now Trump goes after NAFTA and TPP calling them "the worst trade deals, ever."  And he hits at his theme that the inner cities of the country continue to suffer.

And again: "She's all talk, no action."

Hillary tries to defend herself by talking about her work for "children and families." And this is where she should have stayed. She's a policy wonk. She's not a people person. She's not a real leader. She should have worked for a women's/children advocacy group or for a think tank. That's where she should have gone. That's what she should have done. Hillary probably would have been happiest there. She's exposed here. He's managed to smoke her out tonight. Her appeal tonight is all in the realm of women and children. That's her life. That's it, basically.

Trump: "We have a divided nation. We have a very divided nation because of people like her. She has tremendous hate in her heart. When she said 'deplorable,' she meant it. When she said 'irredeemable,' she meant it."

And then Trump hits at Benghazi and says that Hillary "never, never answered that call for help."

Trump has taken a commanding posture tonight - literally. He stands tall; remains standing; walks about. He seems far, far more authentic.

The debate nears an end with a question about the Supreme Court and Hillary swings into right to choose and marriage equality mode. No surprise here.

And the final question is on energy policy. Trump: Energy is under siege by the Obama Administration. "We are killing our energy business in this country."

Each candidate is asked to basically say something that he/she likes about the other. Hillary: "I respect his children." Trump: "I respect that she's a fighter. She doesn't quit. She doesn't give up."

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